Advisory Issued For Tainted Apple Cider

Pepin Heights Orchards is advising consumers to discard specific Pepin Heights brand Honeycrisp Apple Cider over concerns the beverage is tainted, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just announced.

Pepin Heights Orchards issued the advisory in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Routine state tests indicated that samples of Pepin Heights Brand Honeycrisp Apple Cider, with a “Use By” date of “Feb 09 2012,” may contain slightly elevated levels of patulin, a natural byproduct of several species of mold.

The product was packaged in half-gallon plastic jugs and was sold and distributed in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. No other batch of Honeycrisp cider or any other Pepin Heights Orchards products are included in the advisory.
The short-term health effects of patulin have not been clearly established, and no illnesses have been linked to patulin; however, the FDA has identified long-term exposure as a potential concern.

“We are issuing this advisory out of an abundance of caution,” said Chris Sandwick, Director of Sales and Marketing at Pepin Heights Orchards. “We take the safety of our consumers very seriously.” Of note, Pepin Heights Orchards issued an advisory and has not implemented a recall.

Pepin Heights can be reached, toll-free, at 1.800.652.3779, Monday-Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Central Time (CT). Consumers seeking a refund should mail the label from the front of the affected cider to: Pepin Heights Orchards, Attn: Cider Refund, 1753 South Hwy 61, Lake City, MN 55041.

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