Another Family Accuses a Nursing Home of Elder Abuse

nursing-home-abuse-injuriesA family is alleging that their mother, an 86-year-old woman diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and living at the Delmar Garden’s West Nursing Home in St. Louis County, was abused by the staff at the facility.

The nursing home says that Robin Foster’s mother sustained injuries following a bad fall. Ms. Foster described her mother’s eye as being swollen and shut and told that, “I immediately said, ‘that’s not a fall.’” According to Foster, the nursing home in Town and Country called her to tell her that her mother fell in her bedroom.

Foster says the pictures from the hospital reveal that her mother suffered a broken nose, broken cheekbones, and eye bruising. “Someone is hitting my mother,” Foster told “The way my mother looks. I mean, there is no puncture there. It looks like somebody punched her.”

Foster told that her suspicions heightened after she was advised that her mother fell off of her bed. Someone else told her that her mother fell when walking from the bathroom to the bedroom. According to a statement issued by Delmar Gardens, the situation is under investigation.

“We take any and all resident matters and family concerns very seriously. This particular incident is still under investigation and we are working closely with local police as well as the Department of Health and Senior Services. At this point, the incident appears to be an accident and not a result of abuse or neglect. This resident has lived at Delmar Gardens West since 2007. Due to HIPAA privacy regulations, we are unable to provide any further details about the incident to protect the rights of the resident,” the statement indicated.

For her part, Ms. Foster said that she filed a report about the incident with Missouri officials and Town and Country Police, according to

In another recent case, a nurse’s aide was arrested over allegations of physical and metal abuse of an elderly nursing home resident living at the Hudson Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on Northern Boulevard in New York.

According to Attorney General (AG) Eric Schneiderman, Sarina Francis, 36, of Troy, New York, was charged with “one count of second-degree endangering the welfare of a vulnerable elderly person or an incompetent or physically disabled person, two counts of willful violation of health laws, and one count of second-degree endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person,” the Times-Union reported. Francis was arraigned and released from the Albany City Court.

On August 17th, Francis took the woman to her room. The woman allegedly became “combative,” striking Frances in the face. In response, Frances allegedly grabbed the woman’s left wrist, fracturing the wrist as she twisted the resident’s arm behind her head. She then hit the woman in her face with the woman’s hand, her hand, and a pair of urine-soaked undergarments, according to AG Schneiderman’s news release, The Times-Union reported.

About 5.2 million Americans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease; by 2025, that number could reach 7.1 million, the Alzheimer’s Association reports. Meanwhile, a 2001 Congressional report revealed that about one out of every three United States nursing homes were cited for at least one abuse violation over a two-year period. “In over 1,600 of these nursing homes, the abuse violations were serious enough to cause actual harm to residents or to place the residents in immediate jeopardy of death or serious injury,” the report indicated.

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