Atlas Chalet Roof Shingles May Blister and Crack Prematurely

atlas-roof-defectsHomeowners who purchased Atlas Chalet roof shingles expecting a long-lasting durable roof are instead finding themselves burdened with premature repair and replacement costs.

Though Atlas Roofing Corporation promoted its Chalet shingles as a high-quality product that would give the homeowner  “peace of mind” at an affordable price, many customers who installed Atlas Chalet roofs have reported that the roof started to deteriorate as soon as one year after installation. The Chalet shingles blistered and cracked, and chunks of material dislodged from the shingles. Consumers have been faced with costly repairs—even full replacement costs—years earlier than expected.

Atlas Corporation claimed that Chalet shingles are resistant to algae and winds up to 80 miles per hour. The company promised purchasers a 30-year limited transferable warranty, which consumers look to as a guarantee of quality, but many consumers who attempted to contact Atlas about their roof problems report frustrating and inadequate customer service. Some of these homeowners believe that the company is attempting to avoid honoring their warranties, in some instances claiming that the roof was not properly installed. In addition, Atlas Corporation has denied that the blistering is a defect in the construction of the shingles and says that the effect is purely cosmetic.

Atlas Roofing Corporation has discontinued manufacture of Chalet shingles. Parker Waichman LLP is assisting consumers in investigating what recourse they may have in recouping costs for what they believe is a defective product, misleadingly promoted.

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