Atlas Chalet Shingles Allegedly Defective, Deteriorate Prematurely

Atlas_Chalet_Shingles_Deteriorate_PrematurelyAtlas Roofing Corp. is facing lawsuits over its Chalet shingles, which are allegedly defective and deteriorate prematurely. Law360 reports that on Monday, a class action lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia moved forward, with the judge retaining several claims while dismissing a few others. U.S. District Judge Thomas W. Thrash Jr. dismissed strict liability and negligence but retained breach of warranty claims.

Parker Waichman LLP filed the class action alongside its co-counsel.  The suit alleged that the shingles were designed defectively, allowing moisture to be absorbed; this creates gas bubbles that result in blistering and cracking when expanded by the sun.

The judge ruled the Atlas’ marketing and packaging qualified as a warranty and that the customers relied on this warranty. Therefore, the claim that Atlas violated express warranty was preserved.

Atlas marketed its Chalet Shingles as being durable, reliable and compliant with ASTM standards. According to allegations, the company promised that the product would be free of defects for 30 years. People who filed the class action lawsuit, however, say that the shingles needed to be replaced sooner than expected due to poor manufacturing. Consumers report that the shingles blister and cracked because moisture is let into the shingles. In some cases, customers say that chunks of material fall off from the shingles.

It is alleged that these defects force customers to spend extra time and money replacing these shingles much earlier than expected. When some contacted Atlas to follow-up on their 30-year defect-free guarantee, they were reportedly met with poor customer service where representatives tried to claim that the roof was improperly installed.

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