Bird Brain Gel Fuel Recalled for Burn, Fire Hazard

A massive recall of Bird Brain Gel Fuel has been issued because of burn and fire hazards. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the Bird Brain Fuel Gel recall is part of a much larger recall action involving nine firms that we we reported on last month. Information regarding the original September fuel gel recall announcement can be found here.

The recall involves about 1.6 million bottles and cans of Bird Brain Firepot Fuel Gel, Bird Brain Firepot Citronella Fuel Gel, and Bird Brain BioFuel Fuel Gel. The defective gel fuel was manufactured in the United States and China; distributed by Bird Brain Inc. of Ypsilanti, Michigan; and sold at Sears, K-Mart, Target, and other major retailers;,,, and a variety of online specialty, home and garden, pet, and gift shops; and independent retailers from October 2008 through August 2011. Individual units were sold for between $8 and $18; multi-packs sold for between $18 and $136.

The pourable gel fuel can ignite unexpectedly and splatter on nearby people and objects when poured into an actively burning firepot. This hazard can occur if the consumer does not see the flame or is unaware that the firepot is still ignited. Gel fuel that splatters and ignites can pose fire and burn risks to consumers and these risks can be fatal.

To date, Bird Brain is aware of 20 reports of incidents, resulting in 11 injuries that involved first-, second-, and third-degree burns, the CPSC said.

This recall involves pourable gel fuels packaged in 16-, 32-, and 64-ounce plastic bottles that were sold with and without citronella oil. The products’ labels say “Bird Brain Firepot Fuel Gel” or “BioFuel Fuel Gel” and were sold as single bottles and in multiple-bottle packages. The gel fuel is poured into a stainless steel cup in the center of ceramic firepots or other decorative lighting devices and ignited. The following products are affected by this recall:

• Firepot Clear Fuel Gel: 16-ounce bottle. Item 11820010; UPC 03913803231-7.

• Firepot Citronella Fuel Gel: 16-ounce bottle. Item 11820011; UPC 03913802866-2.

• Firepot Clear Fuel Gel: 32-ounce bottle. Items 11820001, 11820006, 11820007, 11820008, 11820013, and 11820024; UPCs 03913805081-6, 03913805081-6, 03913805081-6, 03913805081-6, 03913803591-2, and 03913807473-7.

• Firepot Clear Fuel Gel: 32-ounce metal can. Items 11820014 and 11820018; UPCs 03913803160-0 and 03913803160-0.

• Firepot Citronella Fuel Gel: 32-ounce bottle. Items 11820002, 11820009, and 11820028; UPC 03913805082-3, 03913805082-3, and 03913803592-9.

• Firepot Citronella Fuel Gel: 32-ounce metal can. Items 11820020 and 11820019; UPCs 03913803161-7 and 03913803161-7.

• Bio Fuel Gel: 32-ounce bottle. Item 11820016; UPC 03913803322-2.

• Firepot Clear Fuel Gel: 32-ounce bottle. Item 11820022; UPC 03913803304-8.

• Firepot Citronella Fuel Gel; 64-ounce bottle. Item 11820023; UPC 03913803305-5.

The firm is advising consumers to immediately stop using the recalled Bird Brain pourable gel fuel and return the gel fuel to the company for a full refund. Bird Brain can be reached, toll-free, at 1.877.414.0842 anytime—live operators are available from 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET), Monday through Friday—or at the firm’s Web site at

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