British Paramedic Comes Up With Idea for ìICEî (In Case of Emergency) Notification System Using Your Cell Phone Directory

Sometimes a simple idea provides an effective way to deal with a serious problem. In these troubled times, anyone can find themselves in a situation where they may be unable to notify relatives or loved ones that they have been involved in some type of emergency.

An accident, illness, or criminal act may leave a person seriously injured, unconscious, or otherwise unable to communicate with emergency personnel. Missing identification may only add to the problem.

Now, Britons are being urged to store the names and numbers of those they wish to be contacted  in their cell phone speed dial directory under ICE ("in case of emergency").

Currently there is a British advertising campaign for ICE that was started after paramedic Bob Brotchie came up with the idea after realizing injuries prevented many of his patients from saying who should be contacted by emergency officials.

A definite listing under ICE would immediately allow emergency personnel to be certain that they are contacting the actual person the victim wanted contacted in an emergency.

People could also store alternative numbers under ICE2, ICE3, and so on thereby giving rescue, or medical personnel additional contacts in the event that the primary person is unreachable. 

According to a spokesman for its Office of Emergency Management, the City of New York might consider the idea as well.

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