California Surgeon Accused of Gross Negligence and Incompetence in the Treatment and Death of Several Gastric-Bypass Patients

Dr. Terry L. Sanderfer has a lucrative practice specializing in weight-reduction surgery. Unfortunately, he has also been sued more than 20 times for gastric-bypass surgeries gone wrong.

In fact, according to public records and the doctor’s own accounting, 13 of his gastric-bypass patients have died from complications stemming from surgeries he performed.

Now, the Medical Board of California is seeking to revoke Sanderfer’s medical license for a host of reasons including delayed treatment or failing to act promptly after problems arose, failure to adequately evaluate patients before and after surgery, keeping incomplete or illegible records, and abandoning the care of his patients.

These charges are in connection with the treatment if 11 gastric-bypass patients, including six who died following surgery.

Dr. Sanderfer performs surgeries at Corona Regional Medical Center, Riverside Community Hospital, and Parkview Community Hospital. Over $1.2 million has been paid to settle three medical malpractice claims against Sanderfer.

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