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Warning for Medtronic InterStim Neurostimulation Devices

Australian Health Agency Issues Warning for Battery Problem with Medtronic InterStim Neurostimulation Devices

Warning for Medtronic InterStim Neurostimulation DevicesTGA has issued a safety warning for InterStim and InterStim II neurostimulation devices, because of possible early depletion of the battery.

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Medtronic Infuse Lawsuit Alleges Off-Label Use Cause Painful Complications

A man in Louisiana has filed suit against Medtronic Inc. over injuries allegedly cause by off-label use of its Infuse Bone Graft product. The plaintiff, who received Infuse during transforaminal spinal lumbar fusion surgery, claims that the bone growth protein caused unwanted bone growth along his spine, worsening the back ...

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Failing DePuy ASR Hip Implants Sending Hundreds of Australians Back to the OR

Roughly 1,000 people in Australia have had to undergo revision surgeries because of failed DePuy ASR hip implants. According to, DePuy Orthopaedics has heard from more than 4,000 people in Australia and New Zealand seeking help with the recalled metal-on-metal hip replacement devices.

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Study Links Liquid in E-Cigarette to Viral Infections

Study Links Liquid in Electronic Cigarette to Increased Risk of Viral Infections

The National Jewish Health study, links the liquid used in e-cigarettes to a higher risk of respiratory viral infections, whether the liquid contains nicotine or not.

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Stryker Metal Hip Implant Component Recall Bad News for Makers of Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement Devices

Stryker’s recent recall of two metal hip implant components, the Rejuvenate Modular and ABG II modular-neck hip stems, may have dealt a serious blow to one of the key arguments medical device manufacturers have made to defend their metal-on-metal hip replacements. Facing thousands of lawsuits, the makers of ...

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Federal DePuy ASR Hip Implant Trials Likely to Start This Year

It looks as though the first trials in the DePuy ASR hip implant multidistrict litigation could begin sometime later this year. According to a report from Bloomberg News, during a status conference held yesterday in Florida, attorneys for both plaintiffs and the defense told U.S. District Judge David Katz that ...

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Actos Side Effects Lawyers Says Whistleblower Revelations Could Boost Bladder Cancer, Heart Failure Lawsuits

An attorney with a prominent personal injury law firm says an Actos whistleblower lawsuit filed earlier this year could strengthen legal claims alleging the type 2 diabetes medication caused some users to develop bladder cancer and heart failure.

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DeflateGate’s Effects Impact Legal Gambling & the Economy


The NFL has initiated a probe into the New England Patriots following allegations that the team intentionally used overly deflated footballs.

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Older Patients Face Heart Attack Risk Following Surgery

Older Hip Implant, Knee Replacement Patients Face Heart Attack Risk Following Surgery

An emerging report reveals that older hip implant and knee replacement patients face increased heart attack risks following surgery. The risk for acute myocardial infarction (AMI) was seen in the first two weeks after these surgical procedures.

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Study Linking Z-Pak to Increased Death Risk Being Reviewed by FDA

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is reviewing a new study that reported an increased risk of sudden, heart-related deaths among people using the antibiotic Zithromax (azithromycin), known popularly as Z-Pak. In a statement issued late yesterday, the FDA said patients being treated with Zithromax should not stop taking ...

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FDA Updates Chantix Label After Study Links it to Heart Problems

U.S. regulators are warning of another possible < "">Chantix side effect – heart problems in patients with pre-existing cardiovascular disease. According to a Drug Safety Communication issued by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) today, information detailing this possible side … Continue reading

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Chantix Approval Revoked in France

< "">Chantix has been removed from France’s list of state-approved drugs. The move followed issues concerning side effects linked to the controversial smoking cessation remedy, said The Day. Chantix (generic: varenicline) is known as Champix in Europe and is manufactured … Continue reading

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Chantix Lawsuits Blame Drug for Murder-Suicide

The estates of a couple who were killed in a murder-suicide two years ago have filed a < "">Chantix lawsuit against the drug company Pfizer Inc. this week. The lawsuit alleges, said The Post-Gazette, that Chantix prompted the rage that … Continue reading

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Study Links Chantix to Aggressive Behavior, Violence

Evidence continues to mount against the stop-smoking drug < "">Chantix and its links to aggressive behavior and violence, said WebMD, citing an emerging report. As a matter-of-fact, wrote WebMD, Thomas J. Moore, senior scientist for drug safety and policy at … Continue reading

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Champix/Chantix Side Effects Lead to New Canadian Warnings

Some strong warnings have been issued by Health Canada over the stop-smoking pill Champix (in the U.S., the drug, generically known as varenicline tartrate, is called < "">Chantix), which is sold by Pfizer Canada Inc., wrote The Globe and Mail. … Continue reading

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Chantix Lawsuit Blames Drug for 2007 Death of Dallas Musician

The parents of Carter Albrecht, a Dallas musician who was shot to death during a bizarre episode that was allegedly fueled by < "">Chantix side effects, have filed suit against Pfizer, Inc. According to a CBS 11 report, the lawsuit … Continue reading

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Chantix, Zyban Get Black Box on Mental Health Issues

Labeling for < "">Chantix and Zyban will be updated to include a Black Box Warning regarding their link to mental health events, including changes in behavior, depressed mood, hostility, and suicidal thoughts. A Black Box Warning is the Food & … Continue reading

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Chantix Ads Questioned

A direct-to-consumer (DTC) drug ad is raising some controversy over marketing of a medication that has long been surrounded with debate. Consumer Reports is questioning the ethics of a < "">Chantix (varenicline) ad that, while never mentioning the drug by … Continue reading

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Chantix Problems in Britain

The controversial smoking cessation drug known as < "">Chantix in the U.S., was introduced by Pfizer as Champix nearly two years ago in Great Britain.  The drug is known generically as varenicline in both countries and, in Great Britain, about … Continue reading

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Group Says Drug Injury, Death Reports Up Sharply

Reports of < "">drug adverse events, including deaths,  increased sharply in the first quarter of the 2008, a new report says.   According to the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, the non-profit research group which compiled the report, much of the … Continue reading

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