Chinese Drywall Warning Issued by Mississippi AG

Chinese drywall has become a problem for some Mississippi homeowners. According to a press release from his office, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood has received several complaints about Chinese drywall from homeowners in his state.

As we’ve been reporting for months now, homeowners living with Chinese drywall have reported that it fills homes with a putrid, “rotten-eggs” odor and causes metals to corrode According to the latest status report from the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), it has received a total of 608 complaints about Chinese drywall, with most coming from Florida, Louisiana and Virginia. But that number is probably well below the actual number of homes affected. According to the Business Report, at least 12 class action suits involving Chinese drywall have been filed in 33 states against builders, suppliers and manufacturers since late last year.

Mississippi is among those states where drywall complaints have been made. “Our office has received several complaints on Chinese drywall,” Attorney General Jim Hood said in the press release. “We are investigating these complaints, and encourage other consumers who may be victims to call us. We have been working with the federal government, other states, and other Mississippi agencies to collect more information on this issue.”

Hood said that most of the complaints his office has received have come from the southern part of the state. That area was hard hit by Hurricane Katrina – one of the factors that led to a domestic drywall shortage and a sharp increase in the importation of Chinese wallboard. Many homeowners affected by Katrina may have used Chinese drywall to rebuild their homes.

To immediately address concerns and answer questions, the Attorney General has posted more information about Chinese drywall and the dangers it poses, primarily health concerns and the corrosion of electrical wiring, here.

Hood is urging anyone who believes they have imported drywall in their home to contact his office, and the Mississippi Department of Health.

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