Clarcon Skin Products Recalled for Bacterial Contamination

Consumers are being warned today not to use any <"">Clarcon skin care products

. According to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the Clarcon skin sanitizers and skin protectants subject to this warning may be tainted with a variety of bacteria. Clarcon Biological Chemistry Laboratory Inc. of Roy, Utah is recalling a variety of its skin care products because of these contamination issues.

Analyses of several samples of Clarcon over-the-counter topical antimicrobial skin sanitizer and skin protectant products revealed high levels of various bacteria, including some associated with unsanitary conditions. According to the FDA, some of these bacteria can cause opportunistic infections of the skin and underlying tissues. Such infections may need medical or surgical attention, and may result in permanent damage.

In its warning, the FDA said findings from the its recent inspection of the Clarcon facility are particularly concerning because the products are promoted as antimicrobial agents that claim to treat open wounds, damaged skin, and protect against various infectious diseases. The inspection uncovered serious deviations from the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practice requirements.

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Citrushield Lotion

Dermasentials DermaBarrier
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Dermassentials by Clarcon Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer
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Iron Fist Barrier Hand Treatment

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Skin Shield Industrial

Skin Shield Beauty Salon Lotion
Total Skin Care Beauty
Total Skin Care Work

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The FDA is warning consumer to discard any Clarcon hand sanitizer and skin protectant products they have in their possession.

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