Class Action Lawsuit: Goodman and Amana Air Conditioners Allegedly Violated Consumer Warranties

goodman_amana_violationsSince 2007, Goodman and Amana manufactured and sold central air conditioners that are both defective and breach warranties that were not honored, according to a recently filed class action lawsuit.

The complaint indicates that defective evaporator coils cause the air conditioners to work improperly. In fact, the defective evaporator coils “improperly and prematurely leak refrigerant under normal use.” The complaint also states that, “As the air conditioners leak refrigerant, they are unable to function properly and are thus unfit for their ordinary and intended purpose.”

This “is an inherent defect in the air conditioners that occurs during normal and intended use and is not the result of any problem with installation or use of the air conditioners,” according to the complaint. The complaint also alleges that Goodman failed to properly design and test the air conditioning units before advertising, selling, and warranting them as fit for household use.

The lawsuit charges that Goodman and Amana knowingly sold defective air conditioners, resulting in their unfairly denying the warranties claims.

The lead plaintiff in this class action lawsuit alleges that she replaced her original Amana air conditioner on May 26, 2011. This, after the unit’s evaporator coils failed and leaked refrigerant. The air conditioner’s evaporator coils were replaced and failed and those coils were replaced once. The plaintiff then replaced the second unit on April 9, 2013, following its complete failure.

To date, the lead plaintiff has spent in excess of $9,000 replacing and repairing defective air conditioners.

Meanwhile, the defendants provided warranties on all its air conditioners indicating that they would be “free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and maintenance … for periods ranging from five to 10 years,” also according to the complaint.

The class action lawsuit was fled in Florida by national law firm, Parker Waichman LLP. The lawsuit alleges that Goodman manufactured and sold central air conditioner units from 2007 and onward under the Goodman and Amana brands that have defective evaporator coils.

The lawsuit was filed on May 7, 2013, in the United States District Court, Middle District of Florida (Case No. 8:13-cv-1213T17TBM). Goodman Global Inc., Goodman Manufacturing Company LP, and Goodman Company LP were named as defendants in this class action.

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