Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Atlas Chalet Shingles Defective, Deteriorating Prematurely

chalet_shingles_defectiveA class action lawsuit was just filed and alleges that Atlas Chalet Shingles are both defective and deteriorating prematurely. Atlas Roofing Corporation has been named as the defendant in the lawsuit.

Filed on behalf of a South Carolina couple and others in the legal class, the lawsuit indicates that Atlas marketed its Chalet Shingles as being durable, reliable, and compliant with ASTM (previously known as American Society for Testing and Materials) standards, making them appropriate for use in homes and other structures.

Lawsuit allegations include that the shingles did not perform as marketed; that Atlas told the plaintiffs its products would be free of defects for at least 30 years; that Atlas said it would correct the situation if its shingles failed to live up to these standards; and that Atlas knew its Shingles were defective, causing a number of problems, including blistering, granule loss, increased moisture absorption, and reduced life expectancy.

Allegations also include that the Atlas Chalet Shingles are so defective that the plaintiffs in the class have had to repair or replace the shingles sooner than is reasonably expected; that Atlas Chalet Shingles do not satisfy industry standards; and that the Chalet Shingles have not lived up to Atlas’ representations and warranties. Because of this, the complaint asserts that consumers are entitled to compensation.

This class action asserts breach of express and implied warranty, three counts of negligence—negligence, gross negligence, negligent design—strict products liability, and fraudulent concealment, according to the complaint.

Atlas Roofing Corporation promoted its Chalet shingles as being a high-quality product that would provide homeowners with “peace of mind” at an affordable price; however, many Atlas Chalet roof customers report that their roofs began to deteriorate as early as just one year after installation. Consumers also reported that the Chalet shingles blistered and cracked, and that chunks of material became loosened from the shingles. Consumers are now looking at expensive repairs and even full product replacement years sooner than expected.

Atlas Corporation claimed that Chalet shingles are resistant to algae and winds up to 80 miles per hour and also promised purchasers a 30-year limited transferable warranty, which consumers look to as a guarantee of quality. Many consumers who attempted to contact Atlas about their roof problems report frustrating and inadequate customer service; some believe the company is attempting to avoid honoring its warranties, in some instances claiming that the roof was not properly installed. Atlas Corporation also denies that the blistering is a defect in the shingles’ construction and says that the effect is purely cosmetic.

Atlas Roofing Corporation has discontinued manufacture of Chalet shingles.

Parker Waichman LLP filed the class action lawsuit on June 3, 2013 in the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina, Rockhill Division (0:13-cv-01505-TLW).

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