Computer Vulnerabilities Database Now Available

The new National Vulnerability Database (NVD) from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is now available and offers system administrators and security professionals greater protection against the growing threat of cyber attacks.

Cyber attackers prey upon vulnerabilities in computer systems that will allow them to take control and use the systems for illegal or unethical activities such as identity theft, industrial espionage, or distributing spam.
The new database will help prevent such attacks by keeping track of the 300 or so new vulnerabilities discovered each month. This will increase safety and save time, since a single flaw can be known by numerous names.
NVD is a comprehensive database developed by researchers in NIST’s Computer Security Division with support from the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cyber Security Division. It integrates all publicly available U.S. government resources on vulnerabilities and provides links to many industry resources.

NVD is built upon a dictionary of standardized vulnerability names and descriptions called Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. Updated daily, NVD currently contains information on almost 12,000 vulnerabilities and allows users to search by a variety of characteristics, including vulnerability type, severity and impact; software name and version number; and vendor name. NVD also can be used to research the vulnerability history of a product and view vulnerability statistics and trends. For more information, go to

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