Consumer Product Safety Commission Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Republic of Korea to Improve Consumer Product Safety

The agreement was signed by CPSC Chairman Hal Stratton and Seung Sin Lee, President of the Korean Consumer Protection Board.

The agreement calls for dialogue between the two countries on consumer product safety issues, the development of training programs regarding consumer product safety, and an exchange of safety professionals to work on consumer safety programs.

“Working together under this agreement will help both agencies identify dangerous products faster,” said Stratton. “This agreement lays the groundwork for improving safety, which will help to prevent injuries and save lives in both countries.”

“Safety is an important part of the mission of the Consumer Protection Board,” said Lee. “We feel the consumer has the right to be protected from any danger posed from products. This collaborative agreement is evidence of our commitment to safety.”

South Korea ranks fifth in imports of consumer products into the U.S. $20.1 billion of products under CPSC’s jurisdiction came from South Korea in 2004, an increase of 128 percent since 1997, according to the International Trade Commission.

CPSC also has signed agreements with Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, the European Commission, India, Israel, Mexico, and Taiwan to improve consumer products safety.

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