CPSC and Brass Eagle Announce Recall of 243,000 Paintball Markers that Pose Risk of Serious Impact Injury to Users

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Brass Eagle of Bentonville, Arkansas, have announced the recall of about 243,000 Blade Turboâ„¢ and Paintball Breakout Players Kitsâ„¢ made in China. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately.

The carbon dioxide (CO2) cartridges can be forcibly ejected out the back of the paintball marker and break the plastic screw-on cap.

This poses a serious risk of injury to the paintball marker’s operator who can be hit forcefully by the CO2 cartridges or the plastic screw-on cap. Over tightening the screw-on cap after the cartridges are pierced can result in a serious impact injury.
Brass Eagle has received reports of at least 73 incidents involving the recalled paintball markers. Seven injuries have been reported including an eye injury, facial bruises, and lacerations.

The recalled Blade Turboâ„¢ paintball marker is bright blue with a black handgrip on the nozzle. Two carbon dioxide cartridges are inserted into the back of the marker covered by a clear plastic screw-on cap.

The silver-colored carbon dioxide cartridges are about three-inches long. The Paintball Breakout Players Kitâ„¢ includes a Blade Turboâ„¢, black mask and CO2 cartridges.

“Blade Turbo” is printed on the side of the paintball marker. Paintball markers are sometimes referred to as paintball guns.
The Blade Turboâ„¢ was sold at Wal-Mart, Kmart and sporting goods retailers nationwide from January 2005 through January 2006 for about $20.

The Paintball Breakout Players Kitâ„¢ was sold at Wal-Mart from October 2005 through January 2006 for about $25.
Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled Blade Turboâ„¢ paintball marker and contact Brass Eagle to receive a free replacement screw-on cap which is black, instead of clear.

For additional information, contact Brass Eagle toll-free at (866) 363-8241 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday, e-mail Brass Eagle at recall@brasseagle.com, or visit the firm’s Web site at http://www.brasseagle.com.

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