CPSC Recalls SunL and Honda ATVs

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), with SunL Group Inc. of Irving, Texas and American Honda Motor Co. Inc., of Torrance, California has issued a voluntary recall on a number of All-terrain Vehicles (ATV).

SunL is recalling about 144 SLA90 Youth ATVs because the ATVs lack front brakes, a manual fuel shut-off, and padding to cover sharp edges on the handlebar assembly and have been sold without a tire pressure gauge or adequate flag pole bracket. These safety defects could lead to drivers losing control of the ATVs, which poses the risk of <"http://www.yourlawyer.com/practice_areas/product_liability">serious injuries or death.  The ATVs were made in China and sold through SunL dealers nationwide and Internet retailers during May 2005-March 2007 for $400-$500.  Consumers are to immediately stop using these ATVs and contact SunL to receive a full refund at (866) 355-0497 (9 a.m.-6 p.m. CT, Monday-Friday) or at www.sunl.com.  The SLA90 ATVs are intended for children 12-15 years of age and come in red, blue, yellow, green and in camo pink, brown, green, and blue. The word “Sunl” is on the front side of the ATV and recalled units bear one of the following Vehicle Identification Numbers:

TT05035376    TT05035373    TT05035474    TT05035410    TT05035492    TT05035437
TT05035377    TT05035374    TT05035475    TT05035411    TT05035493    TT05035438
TT05035378    TT05035375    TT05035476    TT05035412    TT05035494    TT05035439
TT05035379    TT05035456    TT05035396    TT05035413    TT05035495    TT05035440
TT05035380    TT05035457    TT05035397    TT05035414    TT05035496    TT05035441
TT05035381    TT05035458    TT05035398    TT05035415    TT05035497    TT05035442
TT05035382    TT05035459    TT05035399    TT05035484    TT05035426    TT05035443
TT05035383    TT05035460    TT05035400    TT05035485    TT05035427    TT05035444
TT05035384    TT05035461    TT05035401    TT05035486    TT05035428    TT05035445
TT05035385    TT05035462    TT05035402    TT05035487    TT05035429    TT05035505
TT05035463    TT05035386    TT05035403    TT05035488    TT05035430    TT05035506
TT05035464    TT05035387    TT05035404    TT05035489    TT05035431    TT05035507
TT05035465    TT05035388    TT05035405    TT05035490    TT05035432    TT05035508
TT05035466    TT05035389    TT05035477    TT05035416    TT05035433    TT05035509
TT05035467    TT05035390    TT05035478    TT05035417    TT05035434    TT05035446
TT05035468    TT05035391    TT05035479    TT05035418    TT05035435    TT05035447
TT05035469    TT05035392    TT05035480    TT05035419    TT05035498    TT05035448
TT05035366    TT05035393    TT05035481    TT05035420    TT05035499    TT05035449
TT05035367    TT05035394    TT05035482    TT05035421    TT05035500    TT05035450
TT05035368    TT05035395    TT05035483    TT05035422    TT05035501    TT05035451
TT05035369    TT05035470    TT05035406    TT05035423    TT05035502    TT05035452
TT05035370    TT05035471    TT05035407    TT05035424    TT05035503    TT05035453
TT05035371    TT05035472    TT05035408    TT05035425    TT05035504    TT05035454
TT05035372    TT05035473    TT05035409    TT05035491    TT05035436    TT05035455

In the second recall, American Honda Motor Co. issued a recall of approximately 42,000 Model Year 2007-2008 TRX 420 Rancher ATVs—also known as the Honda FourTrax Rancher 4X4—due to risk of loss of control hazard because the if ATV’s rubber CV (constant velocity) boots becomes punctured or torn, its joint will become contaminated and severe binding of the CV joints could occur, resulting in the sudden loss of steering control and posing a risk of injury or death.  These are adult-size ATVs designed for riders age 16 and older and come in red, black, olive, and camouflage. The Honda name and wing logo are printed on the fuel tank, the model year is printed on a label located on the frame behind the left front wheel, and the model name “Rancher” is on a label on the ATVs left rear. Honda TRX420 ATVs were sold at Honda ATV dealers nationwide January 2007-May 2008 for $5,300-$5,600 and were manufactured in the US. Consumers are to immediately stop using the recalled ATVs and contact any Honda ATV dealer to make an appointment for a free repair; registered owners were sent notices.  Honda can be reached toll-free at (866) 784-1870 (8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. PT, Monday-Friday) or at: www.powersports.honda.com.

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