Defective Car Seats Recalled by Graco Children’s Products, Inc. and Britax Child Safety, Inc.

Two companies announced recalls of <"">defective car seats today. Graco Children’s Products Inc. is recalling more than 276,000 ComfortSport 5-point convertible harness car seats because an anchorage belt may have been misrouted during assembly of the seat. The second manufacturer, Britax Child Safety, Inc., is recalling some of its Decathlon child restraints because a design problem could make it difficult for caregivers to properly fasten a child into the seat.

The Graco ComfortSport car seats were sold at specialty retailers and department stores between January 2, 2007 and July 31, 2007. The model number can be found on the back of the car seats. The following models are involved in the recall: 8629TWL, 8630MTR, 8631DFT, 8631DRA, 8632PSO, 8635TAC, 8639COS, 8C00BLG, 8C00DMN, 8C00GRP, 8C00LNW, 8C00MID, 8C00TBM, 8C01SVD, 8C01WTN, 8C02MGI, 8C02MRC, 8C03HAL, 8C03WCF, 8C04FRR, and 8433FOF.

Graco said that the misrouting of the anchor belt allows the seat to angle back more than 70 degrees in a frontal crash, increasing the risk of injury. Graco said that the defective car seats have not been linked to any injuries. The car seats should not be used in the rear facing position with LATCH until the problem is fixed. The company said it will mail instructions for fixing this defect to all known purchasers of the ComfortSport car seat. Customers who have not registered their ComfortSport car seat should call Graco at 1-800-345-4109 or visit to find out if their seat is included in the recall.

The Britax recall covers Decathlon car seats with the model number E9L47 sold between February 12, 2005 and July 31, 2007. When the harness adjuster strap is pulled from a side angle, the bezel may separate from the child restraint shell, allowing the adjuster to move out of position from the shell housing. This makes properly restraining a child difficult. Britax will be sending registered owners of the Decathlon car seat two rivet fasteners to secure the adjuster to the child restraint. Owners of the car seat who have not registered should call Britax at 1-800-683-2045. Repair kits can also be ordered at Instructions for installing the repair kit can be found at The company said that the repair should take about five minutes to complete.

In its recall notice, Britax said that the Decathlon seats are safe to use as long as the bezel is secured to the seat. The company recommends that caregivers pull the adjuster strap straight out from the seat and parallel to the ground when they are securing a child. So far, no injuries have been reported as a result of this problem.

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