Face Paint Recall Prompted by Reports of Skin Rashes

<"http://www.yourlawyer.com/practice_areas/toxic_substances">Children’s Face Paints are being recalled today, following reports of adverse reactions such as skin rashes in children who used the paints. Like so many tainted products, the recalled face paints, which were distributed by the Oriental Trading Company, were made in China.

According to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the face paints involved in this recall include the following:

* Blue Face Paint, Item Number: 85/2077; UPC 8 8760048110 7
* Purple Face Paint, Item Number: 85/2078; UPC 8 8760048112 1

* Red Face Paint, Item Number: 85/2079; UPC 8 8760048114 5
* Orange Face Paint, Item Number: 85/2080; UPC 8 8760048116 9
* Black Face Paint, Item Number: 85/2081; UPC 8 8760048118 3
* Green Face Paint, Item Number: 85/2082; UPC 8 8760048120 6

The FDA said it has learned of a cluster of adverse events in children exposed the face paint. All exposures occurred on the same day at an organized event and included rashes, itchiness, burning sensation, and swelling where the face paints were applied. Significant microbial contamination was indicated in most of the products in testing by an FDA laboratory.

Little Women movie The face paints, manufactured by Shanghai Color Art Stationery Company Limited, Shanghai, China, are being voluntarily recalled by Fun Express Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oriental Trading Co.

The FDA is advising consumers to stop use of these products and discard them or return them to the retailer. The agency is also encouraging consumers and health care providers to report any adverse events from face paints to the FDA as well as to state and local health authorities.

Chinese imports have been the subject of safety concerns over the past several years. Since 2007, toys, tires, toothpaste, pet foods and dozens of other Chinese products have been recalled by various US government agencies for dangerous defects.

Year of the Comet movie

In 2008, heparin sourced from China was recalled after it was linked to serious adverse reactions and deaths. The heparin was eventually found to have been made with a counterfeit ingredient.

Right now, homeowners in Florida and across the country are dealing with tainted Chinese drywall that reportedly emits sulfur fumes. The fumes fill homes with a putrid odor and cause metals to corrode. Some homeowners also blame the drywall for causing sinus and respiratory problems.

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