Florida homeowners say toxic spray foam insulation making them sick, forcing them from homes

Sick From Spray FoamSome Florida homeowners believe that spray foam insulation that fills the gaps in their walls and roof leak toxic gas that is making them sick. And this problem may already be affecting thousands of people nationwide.

Many more homeowners across the country are opting for a spray foam insulation to either keep the cold air out of their house or the cool air inside as they look to reduce their energy costs. This process could cost a homeowner thousands of dollars but those who perform this service for them tout its ability to potentially save a homeowner at least that much initially in energy costs.

According to a report from WFTV-TV in Longwood, Fla., at least one dozen families say they’ve either been forced from their homes or have gotten seriously ill because of toxic gas they believe is being emitted by this foam insulation. Their doctors have told them to stay out of their homes, some homes which had just undergone up to $100,000 in renovations that included this spray foam treatment.

In Longwood, the Gibson family told the station that they began developing flu-like symptoms. Cynthia Gibson, the mother of the family, said these symptoms reached their worst when she began hyperventilating and her heart began racing. She fell to the floor and eventually sought medical attention.

These symptoms developed just several weeks after they had the spray foam insulation installed in their recently-renovated home. Now, the family is out of the home they spent so much on to renovate.

Testing done on the Gibson’s home revealed the presence of high levels of formaldehyde and other toxic gases that would likely cause people exposed to them to suffer serious injuries and illness.

The news station in Florida has identified a dozen homeowners in the Longwood area that believe they’ve been poisoned by the foam insulation sprayed into their homes. One attorney interviewed by the station for its investigation who already represents five potential victims of this dangerous product believes that many new construction homes could be riddled with this toxic product. In fact, potentially thousands of new homeowners could be affected by this allegedly toxic foam insulation.

One homeowner has already paid a contractor to rip the roof off his home, literally, to remove any and all foam insulation in his home but the Kissimmee, Fla., man says the effects of the spray insulation are likely permanent because that remedy did not alleviate the toxic gas problems caused by it while it was installed.

In a likely response, the American Chemistry Council told this homeowner, specifically, that it stood behind the safety and value of spray foam insulation.

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