Florida Hospital Refuses to Tell Woman Why She Ended Up As a Quadruple Amputee after Giving Birth

According to a story featured on WFTV.com, a young mother, Claudia Mejia, gave birth at Orlando Regional South Seminole Hospital last May. Soon after, she was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center “where her arms and legs were amputated.” Other than being told “she had streptococcus, a flesh eating bacteria, and toxic shock syndrome,” she was given no further explanation of what happened.

The woman has filed a complaint against Orlando Regional Healthcare Systems (ORHS) because “they won’t tell her exactly what happened.” The hospital claims the information would violate other patients’ rights and that if she wanted to find out exactly what happened, she would have to sue them.

According to WFTV.com: “Mejia said after she gave birth to Mathew last spring, she was kept in the hospital with complications. Twelve days after giving birth at Orlando Regional South Seminole hospital, she was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center where she became a quadruple amputee. Now she can not care for or hold her baby.”

Mejia tells the rather shocking story that she, "Woke up from surgery and I had no arms and no legs. No one told me anything. My arms and legs were just gone."

Both Mejia and her husband want to know what happened and how she became infected with streptococcus during or after labor. Their attorney wrote a letter to ORHS pursuant to Florida’s “The Patients Right To Know About Adverse Medical Incidents Act," demanding the hospital give her the records.

The attorney, Judy Hyman states, "When the statute is named ‘Patients Right To Know,’ I don’t know how it could be clearer." The hospital’s lawyers wrote back, "Ms. Mejia’s request may require legal resolution."

Another attorney for the couple, E. Clay Parker, claims the hospital is not following the law. "We were forced to file this and ask a judge to interpret the constitutional amendment and do right."

ORMC argues that Mejia is requesting information concerning other patients or anyone on her floor who may have been infected with streptococcus. The hospital, through its attorneys, claims that if they release that information to her, it would violate other patients’ rights.

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