Florida Lawsuit Claims Young Athlete’s Death the Result of Doctor’s Error

It was tragic indeed when 16-year-old IMG Academy student-athlete Christian Chalita’s collapsed and died of cardiac arrest during a routine workout in October 2004. The extent of the tragedy was only increased, however, by the possibility that the boy’s death could have been prevented.

A lawsuit filed by Christian’s estate claims Dr. Joseph Soler and Nurse Carol Yarosz: (1) did not give the youth a thorough physical examination; (2) did not monitor the boy’s workouts, and (3) failed to detect his pre-existing heart condition. Medical Malpractice Lawyer

The suit alleges that the defendants’ negligence was made all the more culpable by the fact that they were aware that possible heart problems had caused the death of Christian’s father at the age of 32.

This is the second suit that Christian’s mother has filed regarding the incident. Last August, she commenced an action against IMG claiming that it had failed to properly supervise her son’s workout on the day he died.

Christian was a junior at the IMG Basketball Academy. He had been a student at the sports-training school since the fall of 2002. IMG offers training in several sports for full-time students seeking to become professional athletes.

The tragedy occurred in October 2004, when Christian, a basketball player, was on a treadmill at the Academy and suddenly passed out. Although he was rushed to the hospital, he was unable to be saved.

Tests revealed that the boy’s heart was malformed. One month before his death, however, he had passed a physical examination.

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