Ford Super Duty Truck, Excursion Vehicle Engine Woes Prompt Lawsuits

Owners and lessees of 2003-2007 Ford F250 and F350 Super Duty Trucks and Excursion vehicles are filing lawsuits in an attempt obtain compensation for expensive repairs caused by what the complaints call a defective engine. All of the vehicles named in the lawsuits were outfitted with the <"">Ford 6L Power Stroke Diesel Engine, which was manufactured by Navistar Inc.

The Ford 6L Power Stroke Diesel Engine lawsuits list a host of problems allegedly caused by the engines’ defects, including loss of power, Engine Gas Recirculation (EGR) cooler failure, oil cooler failure, blown head gaskets, warped head bolts and coolant entering the engine ventilation system. In addition to big repair bills, owners of these vehicles say they have suffered financially because of loss of use of their vehicles, and the value of their vehicles has diminished because of the defects.

These lawsuits, which so far have been filed in California, Utah, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi, name both Ford Motor Co. Inc. and Navistar Inc. as defendants. They allege that Ford was aware of the engine’s problems, but concealed them. Plaintiffs point out that Ford actually took Navistar to court in 2007, claiming the engines were defective and accusing Navistar of failing to pay a share of warranty costs. Even with that case making its way through the courts, Ford failed to inform consumers of the defects, and continued to boast about the supposed superior performance of the Ford 6L Power Stroke Diesel Engine in its advertising, the lawsuits claim.

When customers purchased the vehicles, they were provided with a manufacturer’s warranty that promised Ford would fix or replace any defective parts in the automobiles, the lawsuits allege. However, the plaintiffs contend Ford has broken its promise and has refused to repair certain defects. According to some of the complaints, Ford has issued two recalls to fix various problems with the engine, but the problems have never been satisfactorily fixed. Meanwhile, Navistar has refused to replace the defective engines.

This is not the first time Ford has faced lawsuits over the Ford 6L Power Stroke Diesel Engine. In fact, just two years ago Ford entered into a nationwide class action settlement to resolve claims of defects in the 6.0 L Power Stroke Diesel Engine in the case Williams A. Ambulance, Inc. v. Ford Motor Company. The settlement covered owners of model year 2003-2007 ambulances equipped with the 6.0 L Diesel Engine, and provided extended warranties and payments to owners of ambulances with the 6.0 L diesel engine.

Despite that earlier settlement, Ford denies most of the plaintiffs’ allegations and contends the 6L Power Stroke Diesel Engine is not defective.

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