Gas Leak Causes Explosion in Paterson, New Jersey

A gas leak in Paterson, New Jersey caused an explosion, destroying two houses. Although two buildings were flattened, the authorities say there were no serious injuries. As a preventative measure, ten firefighters were taken to the hospital to check for hearing damage related to the explosion and minor injuries.

“There was a very gassy smell,” one nearby employee said to ABC News. “I walked out and saw a whole bunch of people running.” The explosion happened at 16 Goshen Street, where there were two multifamily homes housing 11 people. Police say all of the residents were safely evacuated before the blast.

ABC News reports that Paterson Fire Department personnel detected a strong gas odor, which appeared to be coming from the basement. The smell prompted them to immediately contact Public Service Electric and Gas.

Firefighters and police officers on scene reported hearing a gas hissing from the house. All 38 residents living in nearby buildings were safely evacuated before the explosion occurred.

In a statement, PSE&G said the fire department “evacuated residents of 16 Goshen and adjacent homes as a PSE&G crew and service technician were responding,”

“We have shut off the gas mains and electric service. At this time we do not know the cause of the explosion but will work with local officials to fully investigate.” the company stated.

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