Great Neck Surgeon Charged in DWI Crash Latest Long Island Doctor Cited for Misconduct

Jeffrey Weissman, a 59-year-old Great Neck Orthopedic Surgeon was arrested and charged with seven counts of aggravated assault for driving under the influence and causing an accident injuring seven on the New Jersey Turnpike on June 17th when his 2001 Mazda struck a 2007 Chrysler Town and Country minivan, causing it to roll over.  A blood test confirmed Weissman was under the influence of prescription drugs.  The van was carrying the group to Atlantic City for vacation; they had just rented the van for the trip.  Weissman appeared court Wednesday where bail was set at $25,000; Weissman faces up to 10 years in prison, if convicted.  A grand jury handed up Weissman’s indictment on December 7th; however, prosecutors only made charges public last Thursday. Weissman’s next appearance is scheduled for January 28th.

Weissman has a history of suspensions by New York state oversight agencies.  The NY state Health Department’s office of Professional Misconduct and Physician Discipline censured and reprimanded Weissman in 1998 for failing to file a federal income tax return.  Weissman’ license was suspended for two years, with the suspension stayed with probation for two years; he completed 300 hours of community service and paid a $5,000 fine.  In 1989, his license was suspended for three years for <"">medical negligence and excessive treatment involving numerous patients.

This is not the first time a Long Island physician has made the news recently.  Dr. Harvey Finkelstein is the Dix Hills anesthesiologist who exposed patients to HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B and C; is under review by the state Department of Health; no longer practices at three of the hospitals and clinics where he had privileges; and, as a result of his practices, resulted in one patient contracting hepatitis C and 12 others testing positive for hepatitis B or C.  Finkelstein has more malpractice settlements than any other pain-management specialist on Long Island:  15 for epidural injections.  Finkelstein’s profile stated he was a 1985 fellow in pediatric and cardiac anesthesia and a 1986 fellow in pain management via Stony Brook Hospital; however, the hospital said they were not accredited to offer fellowships in pain management until 1994, in pediatric anesthesia until recently, and are not accredited in cardiac anesthesia.

Other doctors have been accused of harming patients while in substance abuse treatment.  A patient accused a Montana doctor of not following up on her abnormal test results, delaying her cancer diagnosis by over a year; Dr. Robert Schure’s license was finally revoked after he flunked out of treatment six times.  A North Carolina surgeon charged patients for one type of gastric bypass but performed a shortcut leading to serious complications.  An obstetrician came to work and delivered a baby while drunk, severing the newborn’s spine.  Dr. Brian West—Long Beach plastic surgeon—performed a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction leaving a patient with gaping, infected wounds and organs spilling through an unhealed incision.  He was arrested for a drunken-driving accident; entered an alcoholism program; performed a tummy tuck that healed poorly; and flunked out of treatment after a pattern of relapses, binge drinking, and doctored urine tests were discovered.

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