Health Canada Warns Of Adverse Events With MMS Supplements

Health Canada just issued a warning about adverse events linked to MMS supplements, known as Miracle Mineral Solution or Miracle Mineral Supplement.

MMS product information lists sodium chlorite as an ingredient and has promoted this as a substance that can cleanse toxins from the human body. Health Canada notes that there are no therapeutic products containing sodium chlorite authorized for oral consumption by humans in Canada. Serious problems linked to MMS include poisoning; kidney failure; and harm to red blood cells, reducing the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. People may also experience abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Health Canada warned Canadians who purchased MMS at and to consult their health care practitioners if they have used or are using MMS products.

This MMS product claims to contain 28% sodium chlorite solution. Based on these claims, when taken as directed, MMS provides approximately 200 times more sodium chlorite than the tolerable daily intake of sodium chlorite in water, as established by the agency. According to Health Canada, ingestion of this product has been linked to four adverse reactions in Canada, including one life-threatening reaction. Consumers with questions about product disposal or refunds are advised to contact the distributor at 1.403.652.1655, and to report any adverse reactions to Health Canada.

Meanwhile, Health Canada said it advised the distributor that the sale of sodium chlorite for human consumption is in contravention of Canada’s Food and Drugs Act and has asked the distributor to remove this product from the Canadian market, which it has agreed to do. posted a notice saying its account has been suspended, said the Winnepeg Free Press.

Health Canada also identified and previously took action on unauthorized sodium chlorite solution. In that case, Health Canada warned about the health risks associated with use Miracle Mineral Solution, distributed via the Internet by to treat drinking water. According to the company’s website, MMS is a 28% solution of sodium chlorite. Health Canada advised that use of this product as directed may cause serious health problems and ingestion of water treated with the product and was linked with two adverse reactions in Canada; one, life-threatening.

Health Canada advised that sodium chlorite is a chemical used mainly as a textile bleaching agent and disinfectant and is authorized in Canada for use as a germicide by veterinarians, as well as a hard surface disinfectant.

Meanwhile, the Winnepeg Free Press called the distributor and spoke to a man who said his name is Stan, but would not give his last name. Stan told the Winnepeg Free Press that for 30 years he has worked in chemical water treatment and that sodium chlorite is widely used worldwide for an array of purposes, including for disinfection. “I can tell you that it works. I have testimonials, people call me specifically to thank me for making it available,” said Stan, speaking from his home office.

When asked if he heard of illnesses from using MMS in Canada since he began selling it in 2008, he said, “Diarrhea and upset stomach, vomiting if you take too much. Yes, that happens. As far as near death or anything extreme like that, absolutely not,” wrote the Winnepeg Free Press. “You have to go slow. It’s part of the process.”

Stan would not say how much MMS he has sold, but did say he was ordered to cease selling the product in May 2010, “and I did for a while—then I started again,” wrote the Winnepeg Free Press. “In my opinion, they should be investigating the merits of this stuff. It warrants their resources to get behind it and have a look at it and see if it really works or not. Never mind this scare stuff,” he added. Stan believes he is the only Canadian distributor of MMS, but said his customers could also be selling the product. “People buy from me in fairly large quantities, and they redistribute it, I’m sure,” said Stan, according to the Winnepeg Free Press.

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