Israeli Doctorís Revolutionary New Bandage Will Save Lives

Dr. Sody Naimer, an Israeli doctor, has developed a remarkable new bandage called ELastic ADhesive Bandage (ELAD) that appears to be superior to standard bandages and tourniquets in stopping hemorrhaging.

As a family doctor in the Gush Katif region, Naimer became an expert in dealing with many types of serious injuries suffered by victims of car accidents as well as by soldiers who have been injured by gunfire or shrapnel.

Research shows that almost 50% of battlefield fatalities are due to hemorrhaging and that almost 20% of those victims could have been saved with better methods of hemorrhage control.

The ELAD bandage addresses some of the current limitations in methods for controlling bleeding. Direct compression, while effective, prevents rescuers from providing the patient with other lifesaving care because the pressure needs to be constant.

This type of compression at the wound may also further damage tissue on fractures and is difficult to apply to irregularly shaped areas of the body. Tourniquets also cause problems including exceeding pain to the victim and soft tissue and neurological damage.

Other types of standard bandages including elastic bandages and field bandages have the drawbacks of being unwieldy and non-adhesive.

The ELAD bandage is currently saving lives in Israel and South Africa. The bandage is under consideration by the Israeli military and the Red Cross. If it enters mass production, its low price and superior performance may make its impact even more far reaching.

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