Lawsuit filed against slow power companies on Long Island

The pace of recovery for many living in New York’s Long Island in the aftermath of Hurricane and Superstorm Sandy is raising the frustration and anger laws.

According to a report, more than 38,000 people in the Long Island and surrounding areas were still without power this past weekend, now more than two weeks after the storm initially made landfall in southern New Jersey. In total, at least 8 million people had lost electricity as the epic storm of several varieties wreaked havoc on the Mid Atlantic and Northeast regions of the U.S.

On Long Island, those nearly 40,000 people still in the dark have begun venting their frustrations with Long Island Power Authority. That company, along with Consolidated Edison (ConEd), and New Jersey Central Power are all feeling the backlash of an increasingly disgruntled public that’s eager to return home and begin their own personal recovery, clearing the damage the storm caused.

That frustration has already led to the resignation of LIPA Chief Operating Officer, Mike Hervey, who left his position with LIPA in the days following the storm.

Two Long Island residents have also taken to filing a lawsuit against LIPA (and National Grid, its parent company). The lawsuit, according to the report, seeks anyone who have been adversely impacted by Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’easter storm with followed. The lawsuit is currently seeking class-action status and all claims will center on whether or not LIPA or National Grid has been sitting on plans to follow in case of a natural disaster.


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