Lead Paint Prompts Recall Of Toy Story 3 Bowling Game

About 600 Toy Story 3 Bowling Game children’s toys have been recalled over lead contamination concerns, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) just announced.

The contaminated Toy Story 3 Bowling Games were manufactured in China and imported by G.A. Gertmenian and Sons, LLC, of Los Angeles, California. The red paint used on some of the recalled bowling pins has been measured to be in excess of the maximum allowable level of 90 parts per million (ppm), a violation of the federal lead paint standard.

To date, G.A. Gertmenian and Sons, LLC states it has received no reports of incidents or injuries; however, it is important to bear in mind that the effects of lead poisoning and lead exposure can take time to manifest and can be confusing to identify.

Lead can accumulate in the body over time and pregnant women, infants and young children, especially, should avoid exposure to lead. Lead exposure in children and unborn children can lead to brain and nervous system damage; slowed growth; headaches; mental and physical retardation; and behavioral, learning, hearing, and other health problems. The developing brain is of particular concern because the negative influences of lead exposure can have long-lasting effects and can continue well into puberty and beyond. Once poisoned, no organ system is immune.

This particular recall involves Toy Story 3 Bowling Game Rugs with a batch marking of JA 148. The recalled item contains six white plastic bowling pins with two red stripes painted on the necks, one black plastic ball, and a 68-inch by 26-inch nylon game rug with a print of the character Buzz Lightyear on the front. The batch marking JA 148 appears on the bottom front of the packaging just above the bar code, and is also located on the tag attached to the rug.

The recalled Toy Story 3 Bowling Game children’s toys were sold at Walmart Stores in the U.S. between September 1, 2010 and September 25, 2010 for about $18.

The CPSC is advising consumers to stop using the bowling pins immediately and contact the manufacturer for a free replacement set. G.A. Gertmenian and Sons LLC can be reached, toll-free, at 1.888.224.4181 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time (PT), Monday through Friday. Consumers may also email Gertmenian@Gertmenian.com for instructions on receiving replacement bowling pins.

Of note, lead is also known to cause cancer and reproductive harm and, in adults, can damage the nervous system. Children with lead poisoning may experience irritability, sleeplessness or excess lethargy, poor appetite, abdominal pain with or without vomiting—generally without diarrhea—and constipation, and changes in activity level. A child with lead toxicity can be iron deficient and pale because of anemia and can be either hyperactive or lethargic. Lead exposure and poisoning can show up dentally, for instance, lead lines on gingival tissue. In adults there may be motor problems and an increase in depressive, aggressive, sleep, and maladaptive affective disorders as well as problems with sexual performance, impotence, and infertility; they may be over-sleeping or have difficulty falling asleep. People concerned about blood lead levels should contact their physician or health clinic to ask about testing.

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