MedXL Pre-filled Saline and Heparin Syringes May be Contaminated

<"">Pre-filled saline and heparin syringes Christie’s Revenge divx made by MedXL Inc., are the subject of a safety warning in Canada. According to Health Canada, MedXL Inc. has received complaints regarding the presence of visible particles and solution discoloration in the syringes.

The MedXL syringes subject to the warning involves those with lot numbers between 6892 and 8180. It includes the following catalog numbers: 3704, 37043, 37043B, 37043BNC, 3705C, 3705NC, 3706, 3780, 3781, 3786 and 3787.

According to the safety notice, the probability of a clinician finding a defective syringe of this type in a lot of products is extremely small (approximately 12 defective syringes per million syringes manufactured). However, clinicians in Canada are being reminded to take the following precautions to avoid the accidental use of a defective prefilled syringe:

* Use aseptic technique.
* Visually inspect product for particulate matter and discoloration prior to use
* Do not use if the solution is discolored or contains a precipitate.

According to Health Canada, there have been no reports so far of adverse reactions linked to the defective MedXL syringes. MedXL has implemented the necessary corrective actions to correct this problem, the agency said.

Anyone with questions regarding the syringe safety alert can contact MedXL at 514-695-7474 ext 103 or 514-695-7474 ext 139.

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