MGM Grand Hotel Patrons Sickened by Pool Chemical Leak

The recent MGM Grand Hotel <"">chemical leak resulted in an evacuation and a number of illnesses, wrote CNN. The MGM grand is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and the leak took place in the hotel’s pool area.

According to CNN, about 100 people fell ill Friday complaining of breathing difficulties; 12 required transport to area hospitals said Clark County spokeswoman, Stacey Welling, wrote CNN. The 12 were conscious and breathing on their own during transport, added Welling.

KTLA reported that all of the pools at the MGM Grand required evacuation, that 20-to-30 people were impacted by the fumes, and that hat the fumes were a result of a chlorine leak. CNN reported that the exact chemical that led to the fumes remains unknown, but it did lead to breathing problems for some of the guests, said Welling. In all, she added, some 200 people at the hotel had to be evacuated.

KTLA pointed out that over 10 ambulances were called to the hotel.

Video taken of the MGM Grand’s large pool deck showed that the area was abandoned as people were enjoying the area, with beach accessories in the water and towels strewn about, noted CNN.

The pool complex is large, comprised of five swimming pools and three whirlpools, said CNN, citing the MGM Grand’s website. CNN affiliate KLAS reported that the fumes appeared to have begun in the hotel complex’s Lazy River area.

According to Alan Feldman, International Spokesman for MGM Resorts, one person was taken to an area hospital for injuries that he said were not believed to be life threatening, wrote KTLA. According to MGM officials, said KTLA, the noxious fumes released when an injector valve became stuck, which resulting in a release of chlorine.

Feldman said that the pool area was cleared, paramedics were called in, and officials created a treatment area for victims, wrote KTLA. reported that officials at the MGM Grand evacuated 1,500 people in all and that 26 people were sent to the hospital over breathing problems; 100 people, in all, complained of breathing difficulties, but not all who complained sought medical help.

The sodium hypochlorite valve apparently malfunctioned, said, releasing the chemical into the pool’s lazy river.

It took about three hours before guests were permitted back in the area to get their possessions.

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