More Swine Flu Vaccine Recalled

For the second time this month, a <"">swine flu vaccine is being recalled because it may lack potency. This latest recall involves 4.7 million doses of the MedImmune’s nasal spray vaccine.

According to MedImmune’s recall notice, most of the recalled swine flu vaccine was given out in October and November, and would have been fully potent then. About 300,000 doses are left in warehouses. MedImmune is recalling the unused doses.

The recall involves 13 lots of the company’s nasal spray monovalent H1N1 flu vaccine distributed throughout the U.S. The lot numbers involved in this recall are:

• 500754P
• 500751P
• 500756P
• 500757P
• 500758P
• 500759P
• 500760P
• 500761P
• 500762P
• 500763P
• 500764P
• 500765P

According to the recall notice, there are no safety concerns with these lots of H1N1 vaccine. All lots successfully passed pre-release testing for safety, purity and potency.

People who received a swine flu vaccine from one of these lots do not need to be revaccinated, MedImmune said. The vaccine potency is only slightly below what it is supposed to be. The vaccine in these lots is still expected to be effective in stimulating a protective response.

MedImmune is sending a notification to providers who received doses from any
of the 13 lots involved in the recall so that they can return any unused vaccine.

Last week, Sanofi Pasteur recalled 800,000 doses of a swine flu vaccine meant for infants because of potency issues. At the time of the recall, health regulators said children who have received vaccine from the recalled lots will not need to be re-vaccinated because potency is only slightly below the “specified” range.

In November, GlaxoSmithKline recalled 100,000 doses of its swine flu vaccine in Canada Public Health Agency of Canada has received a higher than expected number of reports of anaphylaxis in this lot number compared to other lots. According to Glaxo, all of the anaphylaxis reactions were short-lived and all the patients recovered. Most involved allergic reactions that began within minutes of vaccination. All were treated promptly by medical people at the vaccination site.

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