New Imaging Technology Will Aid In Early Detection of Skin Cancer

A British company called Astron Clinica has developed a revolutionary skin-imaging technology which enables doctors to look under the surface of the skin.

This invention is seen as particularly promising as means by which to detect skin cancers (melanoma) early on as well as an aid in diagnosing and treating a variety of other skin problems including psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

The company is financing the development with Kuwait Finance House, Bahrain and a multi-million pound investment of about £300,000 raised through Oxfordshire Investment Opportunity Network (OION).
 The company is utilizing the funds to build market share worldwide, and continue to develop its DERMETRICS® product line.

The technology called SIAscopy™ (Spectrophotometric Intracutaneous Analysis) uses visible and infra-red light to see under the skin to examine blood, melanin, dermal melanin, and collagen up to 2mm below the surface.

Doctors can use a handheld SIAscanner™ or a regular digital camera to generate surface or sub-surface maps of the skin that can be stored for comparison with other images and to document a patient’s progress.

The images are viewed on a standard PC computer and can be printed out for patients and for doctors’ reports.

In addition to facilitating the early diagnosis and treatment of melanomas and other skin disorders, the technology should also help in gaining a better understanding of the aging process.

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