New Mexico AG Files Lawsuit Against Plavix Manufacturers

The New Mexico Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Bristol-Myers Squibb, the manufacturer of Plavix, alleging that the company failed to warn of risks associated with the blood thinner. The suit alleges that the pharmaceutical giant deceived New Mexicans by failing to warn about the increased risk of internal bleeding. The company is also accused of failing to disclose information showing that Plavix is not effective in a number of patients, according to the lawsuit. The suit seeks compensation for Plavix-related injuries and wants reimbursements for patients who purchased the blood thinner.

In 2014, Hawaii’s Attorney General also filed a lawsuit over Plavix. The state alleges that Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi-Aventis engaged in deceptive marketing and improperly labeled the drug. The lawsuit alleges that the drug makers failed to warn that Plavix is ineffective in about 30 percent of the population. According to Law360, the drug is not metabolized by these individuals due to a genetic trait or because of interactions with other drugs. As such, they are allegedly exposed to the risks of Plavix without receiving its benefits.

Plavix is marketed to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, but the AG lawsuits allege that the drug puts patients at risk for gastrointestinal bleeding and other complications. Plavix manufacturers are accused of knowing about the risks and failing to inform patients or their physicians. The Hawaii AG alleged in the lawsuit that drug makers “failed to disclose that negative efficacy information because it would adversely affect the number of Plavix prescriptions written and, thus, sales and revenues,” and that the companies “ignored, concealed and minimized clinical trial data and other information” showing that Plavix is only as effective as aspirin – or less effective than aspirin for some patients, according to Law360.

Other states also filed lawsuits, according to Law360. West Virginia alleges that Plavix is 100 times more expensive than aspirin even though evidence shows it is not more effective. Mississippi filed a lawsuit alleging Plavix makers hid information about the drug’s risks. New Jersey and California filed suits alleging personal injury and False Claims Act violations, Law360 reports.

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