Nexus Rollators Recalled Over Fall Risk

Health Canada just announced that <"">neXus I, II, and III Rollators have been recalled due to a variety of potential health and safety risks. Dana Douglas Inc. initiated the voluntary recall of certain rollators, which may break during use and could result in the user falling and suffering serious injury including bruising, broken bones, or death.

neXus 1 Model #4520, neXus 2 Model #4515, neXus 3 Model #4500, and neXus 3 Model #4500T rollators are included in this recall bearing specific serial numbers, which can be found on the inside rear leg of rollators. Specific serial numbers are listed in detail in the Health Canada release:

Affected Super Low, Low, and Standard seat heights may experience a weakening below the weld on the rear frame, which could result in breakage when used by consumers weighing more than 187 pounds. There have been 75 reported incidents of the rear frame breaking on the neXus 1 and 2 models; six have resulted in falls and bruising. There have been 145 reported incidents of the rear frame breaking on the neXus 3 model; no injuries have resulted. Installation of manufacturer-supplied reinforcement brackets at the rear frame weld will increase the product’s weight capacity to the advertised maximum user weight of 250 pounds.
 Rollators distributed since October 30, 2009 are rated for use by customers up to 250 pounds.

The front fork bearing on certain rollators may loosen causing the front wheel to fall off the neXus frame when the rollator is raised off the ground.

There have been nine reported incidents in which the front wheel has fallen off the frame. The front wheel forks on certain rollators may crack with usage, which may ultimately lead to breakage. There have been 21 reported incidents of the front wheel fork cracking or breaking. No injuries have resulted from either of these incidents.

The brake on neXus 3 Model #4500T rollators with tall handles and serial numbers between 91164-40 and 102792-40 could jam in the locked position and not release resulting in the user being unable to move the rollator. There have been five reported incidents of the brake jamming in the locked position during use; no injures have resulted from these incidents, to date.

Health Canada is advising users to stop using affected rollators immediately and return the rollator to an authorized dealer for necessary modifications.
Dana Douglas can be reached by email at; by postal mail at: Dana Douglas Inc., 10-155 Colonnade Road, Nepean, Ontario K2E 7K1; by telephone at: 613-723-6734; or by fax at: 613-723-1058. Any suspected adverse reaction can be reported to: Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate Health Canada Address Locator: 2003D
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9
Telephone; the Inspectorate Hotline 1-800-267-9675. The Medical Devices Problem Report Form and Guidelines can be found on the Health Canada Web site.

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