Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Filed Over “Prank”

A nursing home resident, who was used as part of so-called prank, is filed a <"">nursing home abuse lawsuit seeking punitive damages for a number of injuries as a result of that incident, said Courthouse News.

The resident alleges that she suffered injuries after the caretaking staff charged with her care covered her in “slippery ointment” to play a joke on the next shift, said Courthouse News. Four nursing assistants covered seven dementia patients with ointment over their entire bodies, while two others did not report the incident; all six were fired and misdemeanors have been filed, reported Courthouse News.

The resident, Marguerite Warren, is seeking punitive damages from Valley View Skilled Nursing Center, of Ukiah; Valley View Skilled Nursing Center’s corporate parent, Horizon West Healthcare of California; and seven individuals, which include the six employees and the facility’s administrator, wrote Courthouse News.

“Warren suffered from various physical and mental conditions and she was completely dependent on defendants to provide necessary care and assistance to her,” said the complaint that was filed in Mendocino County Court. Warren also alleged that the “defendants committed battery by touching plaintiff in a manner intended to harm or offend plaintiff, namely, by covering plaintiff’s body with a slippery ointment as part of a prank directed at other employees of defendant skilled nursing facility,” quoted Courthouse News.

Warren is seeing damages for “elder abuse, battery, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, conspiracy, aiding and abetting, and violation of the California Health and Safety Code” and claims she was also not protected from falls and that her accidents were not reported to her family. According to the complaint, quoted Courthouse News.

Sadly, stories of nursing home abuse have been running rampant. Late last month, we wrote about another case of nursing home abuse involving a family who sued the Harborside of Madisonville alleging that the facility’s neglect led to the death of Joseph Cling Offutt, 92, who stayed at the facility for a mere nine days before his death. The Kentucky facility is now known as the Hillside Villa Care and Rehabilitation Center.

In another case last month, an Iowa nursing home was ordered to pay close to a-half million dollars to the estate of Wilbur Jackson, following his death at the facility. The Des Moines Register explained that the accident took place at Grinnell’s Friendship Manor Care Center in June 2009. Mr. Jackson was at the facility for 17 days for what was meant to be a short rehab stay following hip surgery. On his way, via ambulance from the facility to a local hospital for physician-ordered tests, Mr. Jackson was strapped to a gurney and joking with staff when a crack in the pavement caused the gurney to flip. Mr. Jackson’s head hit the pavement; he fell into a coma, and died the following month.

Last week, we wrote that two state agencies are investigating a Cape Coral, Florida home for seniors after family members of two of its residents brought allegations of elder abuse to police. Two men whose family members are residents went to Cape Coral police after a staff member told them a nursing assistant had been abusing residents, reports said.

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