Nursing Home Abuse Suspected in Michigan

Residents_Abused_at_Nursing_HomesNursing home residents at Providence Christian Healthcare & Rehab in Zeeland, Michigan say that some staff members have been verbally and physically abusive. According to Wood TV8, state investigators said that nurse aides at the facility caused either “actual harm” to residents or put them in immediate danger of being harmed last year.

One resident told a state investigator that a nurse aid broke her leg. Another said that the same staff member squeezed him so hard he suspected broken ribs. Others said that he caused “skin tears” by grabbing them so hard. State reports show that the residents are referring to “Certified Nurse Aide D”.

There were also complaints about Certified Nurse Aide No. 13, who reportedly abused a resident and then made racial slurs. According to state reports, she said that the bruises wouldn’t show up on the resident because he’s black, then reportedly called him a “stupid N-word,”

Investigators found that Providence did not report the alleged abuse, according to state inspection reports listed on Medicare’s “Nursing Home Compare” website. Furthermore, the state said that the home also did not investigate unexplained injuries. The state investigation was prompted by anonymous tips.

Reports show that a woman’s thigh bone was broken last July when a nurse aide pushed her down the hall in her wheelchair. She apparently banged into a wall and was then pushed into the lunchroom; reportedly, the aid continued to push her despite her cries.

A nurse aide reported that the resident was “shaking, crying and had a look on her face like she was terrified,” However, records show that the home did not investigate this incident. Two weeks later, that same nurse aide was found brushing a resident’s hair as she cried and a blood poured from a long cut in her arm. The nurse’s aide told state investigators it was “the largest skin tear she had ever seen, which extended about half the length of Resident #30′s lower arm, and it was bleeding badly.”

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