Porsche Cayenne Lawsuits Claim Plastic Coolant Piping is Defective

A least two lawsuits have been filed over alleged problems with coolant tubes used in <"http://www.yourlawyer.com/topics/overview/Porsche-Cayenne-Class-Action-Lawsuit-Plastic-Coolant-Pipes-V8-Turbo-Engine">Porsche Cayenne sport utility vehicles. The lawsuits, filed in New York and New Jersey, allege plastic coolant piping used in some Porsche Cayenne vehicles degrades and breaks prematurely, which could lead to coolant leaks and significant engine damage. Both lawsuits seek class action status to represent all owners of affected Porsche Cayennes in New York and New Jersey.

The Porsche Cayenne lawsuits seek to compel Porsche to recall all Cayenne vehicles with plastic coolant tubes and fix the problem by replacing them with aluminum tubes. In addition, these lawsuits are seeking money damages to compensate all affected Porsche Cayenne owners.

According to the New York lawsuit, in December 2008, the plaintiff purchased a previously-owned 2004 Porsche Cayennes under the belief that it was a high-performance vehicle manufactured under the highest standards. He was unaware that the vehicle was made with plastic coolant tubes that were prone to stress and fracture.

In October of 2010, the plaintiff discovered a pool of liquid under his car. After taking the vehicle to a certified Porsche dealer for repair, he learned the leak was the result of a cracked plastic coolant pipe. He further learned that the plastic tubes were not available as replacement parts, and was forced to purchase an OEM update kit, which contained aluminum tubes, at a cost of $1,000.

According to the New Jersey lawsuit, that plaintiff purchased a pre-owned 2004 Porsche Cayenne in December 2007. He was not informed at the time of purchase that the vehicle contained the allegedly defective cooling tubes. In November 2010, he took the vehicle to a certified Porsche dealer for a regular service check. At that time, the plaintiff was informed the plastic coolant tubes had to be replaced, as they were destined to fail. The plaintiff was forced to pay more than $2,000 for the update kit and labor.

The Porsche Cayenne class action lawsuits allege that Porsche installed plastic coolant tubes in models with the V8 or V8 Turbo engine, rather than aluminum tubes, knowing the plastic version was likely to degrade and crack. The lawsuits further allege that Porsche made a corporate decision to conceal these defects from consumers. According to the complaints, Porsche has chosen not to warn Cayenne owners of the potential dangers of a sudden coolant spill, and continues to promote the vehicles as safe, reliable and free from material defects. Rather than fix the problem, Porsche has chosen to exploit owners of the affected Cayenne vehicles by forcing them to pay for the cost of new parts, labor charges, and any resulting engine damage, the suits claim.

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