PrimeTrim Molding Product Sparks Consumer Complaints

Some consumers have alleged that <"">PrimeTrim wood molding products made by Georgia-Pacific are not all they are promised to be. Complaints over PrimeTrim have already spawned at least one class action complaint against Georgia-Pacific, and legal experts expect more will follow.

PrimeTrim, first manufactured in 1992, is made of processed wood fiber and pre-treated with resin. It’s been marketed as an alternative to wood for interior and exterior trim. Georgia-Pacific’s marketing materials for PrimeTrim state that the product “has none of the normal defects found in lumber, such as knots, splits, checks and wane.”

A PrimeTrim class action lawsuit was filed against Georgia-Pacific in 2007 by some South Carolina homeowners, and later updated in 2008. The class action complaint alleged that PrimeTrim failed to keep out moisture, leading to “property damage and water intrusion.”

Alleged complaints by PrimeTrim homeowners include reports of:

• Deterioration
• Rotting
• Swelling
• Buckling
• Splitting
• Delamination
• Water absorption

If not corrected, these alleged PrimeTrim defects could lead to water, structural, and interior and exterior property damage. Such damage will cost PrimeTrim homeowners thousands of dollars to repair.

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