Research Studies Show Link Between Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer

A Canadian research and media organization says that findings from a number of peer-reviewed research studies indicate that cell phone radiation causes cancer and other diseases.

The Montreal-based organization Global Research says that cell phone radiation can penetrate the body and many experts believe it causes cell changes that lead to cancer. Studies done to date indicate cell phone radiation exposure is principally linked to two types of brain tumor, gliomas and acoustic neuromas. Gliomas start in the brain or spine and are typically malignant; most people survive only one to three years after diagnosis. Acoustic neuromas, though non-malignant, can be life threatening because they cause increased intracranial pressure.

In 2010, the results of the ten-year World Health Organization Interphone Study confirmed “previous reports showing that regular use of a cell phone by adults can significantly increase the risk of glioma by 40% with 1640 hours or more of use (this is about one-half hour per day over ten years). Tumors were more likely to occur on the side of the head most used for calling.” The findings were reported in a news release from the Institute for Health and Environment, of University at Albany (New York). The Interphone Study is the largest and longest study on the link between cell phones and brain tumors, Global Research reports. A recent study by the Hardell Research Group finds a “consistent pattern of increased risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma associated with use of wireless phones.”

In addition to cancers, Global Research says studies point to other adverse health effects from cell phone radiation, including sperm damage and male infertility, tinnitus, headaches, and sleep problems.


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