Subaru recalls 634,000 SUVs due to defective accessory lights

Subaru has been forced to issue a recall on more than half-million vehicles because accessory lights under the doors can overheat and catch fire.

According to a CBS News report, the recall action includes a total of 634,000 vehicles manufactured by Subaru. Included in the action are all 2010 and 2011 Subaru Outback and Subaru Legacy vehicles. Two older model SUVs manufactured by Subaru are also included: the 2006-2012 Tribeca and 2009-2012 Forester.

If moisture penetrates the puddle lights beneath the doors on these vehicles, the lights are prone to overheating and short circuits. A short circuit or over heated light can cause plastic to melt near the lights and start a fire in the vehicle. Of the more than 600,000 vehicles included in the recall, only about 54,000 of them have the puddle lights. 

Subaru said it is informing all owners of these vehicles by letter to ensure they have a free repair performed to alleviate the problems posed by these defective puddle lights.

The recall was ordered by Subaru after the company said it received several reports from vehicle owners of smoking forming near the lights. No fires, crashes, or injuries resulted from any incident in which the puddle lights on these vehicles overheated.

The repairs will be available to these Subaru owners starting in February of this year. The report indicates that Subaru will install an extra fuse on the recalled vehicles to alleviate the problems.

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