Super Poligrip, Fixodent Users Warned of Neuropathy Risk

People who use <"">denture creams like Super Poligrip or Fixodent and are experiencing unexplained neurological problems should know that these zinc-containing products could be to blame. Excessive use of Super Poligrip, Fixodent and similar denture creams can lead to zinc poisoning, copper depletion and neurological disorders.

Often, the symptoms of zinc poisoning caused by denture creams like Super Poligrip and Fixodent mimic other disorders, such as multiple sclerosis. It is important that anyone who uses these denture creams and experiences neurological problems have a blood test to determine if they are suffering from zinc poisoning and copper depletion.

Neuropathy is by far the most serious health problem linked to Fixodent and Super Poligrip. Neuropathy is a disorder caused by damaged nerves. Neuropathy is often a consequence of diabetes or poor nutrition. It can also be a reaction to a toxin, or a side effect of certain drugs, such as chemotherapy agents. Neuropathy can leave victims permanently disabled and reliant upon a walker or wheelchair.

Symptoms of neuropathy vary, but may include:

• numbness or tingling in the feet, legs, hands, and/or arms;
• a reduction in strength or ability to move legs or feet, or arms and hands;
• unexplained pain in the extremities;
• a tendency to stumble or fall down; instability and lack of balance;
• change or decrease in walking stride;
• abnormal blood pressure and heart rate;
• reduced ability to perspire;
• constipation and/or bladder dysfunction;
• sexual dysfunction.

Most of the more than 35 million Americans who wear dentures have no idea that denture adhesives can be dangerous. Because denture creams like Fixodent and Super Poligrip are considered to be a Class I medical device, the Food & Drug Administration does not require their labels to warn that excessive use may lead to zinc poisoning and neurological problems.

The problems caused by Super Poligrip and Fixodent have resulted in lawsuits against their manufacturers. For example, two such class action lawsuits were recently filed in federal court in Tennessee. The lawsuits are seeking compensation from the makers of Super Poligrip and Fixodent for testing, medical monitoring and treatment for zinc poisoning which may develop in consumers who have used these products.

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