Unomedical Recalls Manual Pulmonary Resuscitators

Certain units of the single-patient use <"">Manual Pulmonary Resuscitator (MPR) have been recalled by Unomedical Inc. This recall is being conducted because of a potential malfunction of the MPR, which may impair the ability of the device to generate the positive pressure necessary to function properly. The occurrence of such a malfunction may create a situation in which the use of the product could potentially cause serious adverse health consequences or death.

Pulmonary resuscitators are used to administer artificial respiration to a patient while also giving an external cardiac massage. They are used during CPR to resuscitate patients suffering from cardiac arrest, and resuscitators use positive pressure to inflate the lungs of the patient while they are not breathing, in order to keep them oxygenated.

The recall only impacts MPRs manufactured from July 2002 – March 2008 and matching the lot numbers listed on the Unomedical web site. This recall does not impact any MPRs manufactured after March 2008.

In order to distinguish between the recalled product and unaffected product, customers may examine the patient valve housing immediately below the right-angle exhalation port, where the retention ring should be visible. MPR units with a clear or transparent ring, as well as those where no ring can be seen, should be returned to Unomedical as instructed. MPR units with a clearly visible blue retention ring are not affected and do not need to be returned.

Unomedical is contacting customers to arrange for the return and credit of all MPR units subject to this recall by sending notification letters to distributors and customers. In addition, the company has set up a web page with a list of affected lot numbers, guidance (diagram and photos) to allow customers to identify products subject to the recall in the event that the customer has already removed the primary product packaging, and instructions on what actions to take.

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