UPS Handling of Broken Shipment Claims Sparks Internet Complaints

Consumer message boards on the internet are filled with consumer complaint regarding United Parcel Service’s (UPS) handling of damaged shipment claims. Many consumers allege UPS is wrongly denying insurance claims for broken shipments.

This post is typical of the <"">UPS broken shipment complaints:

“On February 22, 2010, the Mundelein UPS store sent me a copy of a letter from Crawford & Co. which was retained by UPS to inspect the package. The letter stated that my claim was denied because the packaging didn’t meet UPS packaging standards. This was shocking to me, as the box had made it all the way from China to the store where I bought it, in its original packaging, and the UPS Store didn’t raise any objection or suggest that I make changes to the packaging when I sent it. The letter also stated that UPS doesn’t treat packaged marked fragile (breakable) any different than regular boxes. So, its (sic) a mystery to me why they have a box on their Order form to mark the package as “breakable.” (Posted on on Jan. 2010).

According to its website, UPS will deny a damage claim for any one of a number of specific reasons. Most involve packaging or packaging materials that is inadequate or damaged that did not provide enough protection to contents. Many unhappy UPS customers insist their shipments were properly packaged and well-marked with “Fragile” and “Breakable” labels.

Is UPS using the excuse of inadequate or insufficient packaging to avoid paying legitimate damage claims? Only time will tell. Some consumer lawyers are already investigating these claims.

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