User Complaints Prompt Apple to Probe iOS 4 Upgrade Problems

Apple is investigating problems with its <"">iOS 4 operating system. According to some very unhappy iPhone 3G users, upgrading to iOS 4 has rendered their phones all but useless.

The new operating system was released at the end of June in conjunction with the iPhone 4, and as a free upgrade for the iPhone 3G and 3Gs. Apple promised more than 100 new features with the iOS4 operating system, including multitasking and folders so people can organize downloaded applications.

But shortly after it was released, tech forums and blogs were abuzz with complaints that the upgrade had caused the iPhone 3G to slow down to the point where they are barely functional. Others complained that battery life became diminished after the upgrade, and some reported that the phones became very hot.

Even worse, once the iOS 4 is installed, its extremely difficult to undo. Some blogs have posted instructions on uninstalling the operating device, but Apple will not support those. The only other alternative is to return the iPhone to factory settings, but then a user will lose any information they have stored on the phone.

Some tech blog writers have gone so far as to warn owners of iPhone 3G not to upgrade to the iOS 4 if they haven’t done so already.

According to The Wall Street Journal, an Apple spokesperson said that the company is aware of complaints and is looking into the matter.

The iOS 4 issues are just the latest black eye for Apple, which is still reeling from “Antennagate”, a debacle caused by reception problems resulting from the iPhone 4’s poorly designed antenna. After the outcry from users reached a boiling point, Apple finally apologized for the problems, and offered users a special case, the Bumper, which addressed the issue.

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