Waldorf Astoria Hit With Bed Bug Lawsuit

A second bed bug lawsuit and a third report of complaints has been filed against chic New York hotel the Waldorf Astoria. According to Crains NY, one family from Michigan has come forward to discuss their experience and to file a lawsuit.

The lawsuit, which was filed in the Supreme Court of New York County today, alleges that the Michigan family brought the pests back with them to their home, which they had to evacuate for six weeks while the infestation was being treated, said Crains NY.

David and Christine Drabicki attended a press conference this morning to answer media questions, wrote Crains NY. According to the Drabicki’s attorney, they woke up at the Waldorf Astoria covered in bed bug bites; their room was changed and they received free spa treatments, explained Crains NY.

Ms. Drabicki allegedly suffered an allergic reaction; apparently, there are explicit photographs of the reaction, said Crains NY. Allegations also include that their luggage was infested and their two daughters were infected when the couple returned home, noted Crains NY.

In response, the Waldorf Astoria stated that there was no evidence of bed bugs in the room, and stated that, “The Waldorf Astoria takes allegations of bedbugs very seriously because the safety and well-being of our guests is of paramount importance,” quoted Crains NY. “While we typically do not comment on pending litigation, we will share that the hotel took the guestroom in question out of service and had it inspected by an outside specialist. The official inspection reports stated there was no evidence or indication of bedbugs.”

In October, another patron, from Florida, claims she was bitten by bed bugs during her stay and last week, a woman from Long Island filed a complaint that alleges she brought the pests into her house after staying at the Waldorf, wrote Crains NY.

The resurgent pests have sparked at least two other lawsuits and many more lawsuits are expected as bed bugs continue to show up in an ever-growing range of areas.

Most recently, bed bugs have been reported at the Jersey City Municipal Court and the Hudson County Plaza building in New Jersey; the administrative offices of the University of Wisconsin Health and Clinics; the New York City Ballet and New York City Opera at Lincoln Center; a variety of popular stores, including Nike Inc.’s flagship store, Victoria’s Secret, Hollister, Bloomingdale’s, and Abercrombie and Fitch; large offices, such as Sirius Radio and the Wall Street Journal headquarters; theatres; both housing projects and chic apartments; in a couple of hospitals nationwide; and at the Empire State Building.

At least five states have sought assistance from the Department of Defense and the state of Ohio recently asked the Environmental Protection Agency for permission to use a banned pesticide, said ABC News previously.

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