Waterpik to Replace SinuSense™ Water Pulsator Device Over Consumer Complaints

Waterpik to Replace SinuSense™ Water Pulsator Device Over Consumer ComplaintsWaterpik, Inc., is replacing its SinuSense™ Water Pulsator device over consumer complaints, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) just announced.

Specific SinuSense™ Water Pulsator nasal irrigation devices Waterpik manufactured between May 2010 and July 2011 are involved in the replacement program being offered following consumer complaints. Complaints concerned water used in the Pulsator that seeped into the battery compartment, which led to battery corrosion, possible reservoir contamination, and the need to prematurely replace the device’s batteries.

Waterpik said it reviewed the complaints; tested the devices; and confirmed that, in some of the devices, water can enter the battery compartment. Waterpik stated that it will replace those SinuSense™ Water Pulsator devices that were manufactured between May 2010 and July 2011 and that experience water intrusion into the battery compartment. If the device is used with batteries other than the alkaline type—which are supplied with the unit—and if the battery compartment cap is opened or improperly installed, saline may come into contact with the battery compartment. This contact may result in the possible accidental spilling of contaminated water into the device reservoir.

Products manufactured after July 2011 are not affected by this recall.

Consumers can identify manufacturing date information of their unit by determining if the unit is constructed with a fill door on the side of the reservoir. If the unit has a side door, it is not part of the recall and need not be replaced.

If a unit experiences water intrusion in its battery compartment, Waterpik should be contacted, toll-free, at 1.800.525.2774. Consumers can also send their mailing address to Waterpik, Inc., a 1730 East Prospect Road, Fort Collins, Colorado, 80553. Additional information can also be accessed at Waterpik’s web site at: www.waterpiksinusense.com.

Consumers are advised against using any unit that exhibits signs of fluid leakage in either the battery compartment or into the reservoir.

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