Woman Alleges Her Gynecologist Sprayed Her Genitals With Drain Cleaner

gynecologist-misbehavior-injures-womanAn Ohio woman alleges an array of gynecological injuries are the result of a routine colposcopy gone horrifically awry.

The woman, known as Laura, alleges that she now experiences irregular bleeding and is unable to have sex or swim after her gynecologist sprayed her genitalia with drain cleaner. Laura says she is has brought a lawsuit against Dr. John Black from Paragon Health in Akron, Ohio, as well as against Paragon Health, according to Medical Daily.

The lawsuit indicates that Dr. Black entered Laura’s hospital room with a spray bottle that bore the word “vinegar.” He began to splash the bottle’s contents along Laura’s vaginal cavity. She alleges that she experienced a painful burning sensation as soon as the liquid touched her skin, Medical Daily reported. Laura said that it was when the doctor noticed her reaction that he tasted the solution. According to medical records, Dr. Black “tasted it on the tip of his tongue which immediately started to burn,” wrote The Huffington Post.

The liquid that Dr. Black believed to be a diluted vinegar solution was, in fact, a toxic chemical known as potassium hydroxide or caustic potash. This chemical, explained Medical Daily, is found in an array of household chemicals and items, including bug repellent, alkaline batteries, and drain cleaner. The chemical, noted The Huffington Post, is also known to decompose flesh.

Dr. Black told Laura the chemical solution was only a harmless 7.5 pH level, however, laboratory testing revealed that the solution was actually a dangerous 12 pH level, wrote Medial Daily.

When the physician tasted the chemical liquid on the tip of his tongue and realized his error, he worked to clear the harmful chemical from Laura’s genitals, spraying the area with a saline solution. He followed by applying a numbing cream with his hand. According to The Huffington Post, Dr. Black allegedly told Laura, “I’m breaking all the rules.” He then irrigated her burned genitals with three bottles of saline solution and, according to Laura’s husband, applied he numbing cream with ungloved hands.

After Laura left the hospital, a Paragon representative called Laura—just hours after leaving Dr. Black’s care—and advised her to go to the emergency room at Akron General Hospital. There, reported Medical Daily, physicians found a plastic bottle cap behind her cervix.

“I was the victim of a pretty horrific experience at my gynecologist exam,” Laura told WKYC. She had hoped to have more children, but now might have to undergo a hysterectomy. “It was like an open cut with rubbing alcohol being poured into it.”

Meanwhile, Laura’s husband, Paul, has been protesting outside of Paragon Health. “He puts an ungloved dirty finger inside her and rubs a numbing cream inside her. It’s disgusting,” Paul told WKYC. “He (the doctor) suspected what the chemical was, so he should have called poison control.”

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