Worldwide Nissan Recalls to Fix Gas Pedals, Gas Gauges

Amid a number of highly publicized automotive recalls, the <"">Nissan Motor Co. is now recalling about 260,000 of its pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), and minivans, said the Associated Press (AP). The recall is in the United States and meant to correct brake pedal and fuel gauge problems, added the AP.

It seems that a pin in the brake pedal assemblies on specific 2008 to 2010 Titan pickups and Armada SUVs, as well as some 2008 and 2009 Quest minivans can loosen, resulting in reduced braking force, said the AP, citing a statement issued by Nissan. No crashes or injuries have been reported, to date, said Nissan, wrote the AP, which added that if a customer experiences a loose brake pedal, he/she should contact the dealer.

Regarding faulty gas gauges, Nissan is recalling specific 2005 to 2009 Armadas and Titans, as well as certain 2006 and 2008 Frontier pickups and Xterra and Pathfinder SUVs. A sensor within the fuel tank can cause the gas tank to indicate it is one-quarter full when it is actually empty, said the AP. In the meantime, Nissan suggests motorist maintain a half-full talk pending repair by a dealer, noted AP.

Owners of recalled vehicles will be notified when to schedule the repairs, with the brake pedal recall starting March 22, and the fuel-gauge recall—a two-part process—starting March 22 and also sometime in April, said the AP. In some cases, one car can be impacted by both recalls, said Nissan, added the AP.

Recently we wrote that the Honda Motor Company recently expanded its international recall for faulty air bags. The Honda recalls followed Toyota’s highly publicized multiple vehicle recalls over faulty brakes and related accidents and fatalities. Honda increasing its recall, said the Chicago Tribune previously, is likely indicating a shift in how automakers are handling safety issues. In light of the massive Toyota debacle, Honda issued a recall of 437,000, which brings its total recalls over the past 15 months to close to one million vehicles, explained the Chicago Tribune.

Since last fall, Toyota has recalled six million vehicles in the U.S. for problems involving sudden acceleration. The recalls started in September, when Toyota announced it was recalling and replacing floor mats on approximately 4.2 million vehicles which were allegedly causing accelerator pedals in the vehicles to become stuck in the depressed position, leading to uncontrollable and rapid acceleration of the vehicles. On January 21, Toyota recalled 2.3 million vehicles due to accelerator pedals on those vehicles becoming stuck in a depressed position, causing unexpected and unsafe acceleration.

We recently wrote that that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is receiving a growing number of complaints from Toyota owners since mid-February claiming recent recall fixes haven’t resolved problems with sudden unintended acceleration (SUA). Now, the NHTSA is reporting that it has received over 60 such complaints, reported ABC News. “Officials are contacting each and every consumer to learn more about what they say is happening,” NHTSA said in a statement, quoted ABC News.

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