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Transvaginal Mesh a Nightmare for Thousands of Women

Thousands of women who have received transvaginal mesh surgical implants to treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and pelvic organ prolapse (POP) are now living a nightmare, thanks to debilitating pain, bleeding, infection and other serious complications. According to the Sun-Sentinel, many of the women injured by transvaginal mesh claim ...

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Geodon the antipsychotic drug can Cause Deadly Skin Reaction

Geodon can Cause Deadly Skin Reaction, FDA Warns

The FDA has required a new warning label for the antipsychotic drug Geodon (ziprasidone) to include the risk of a potentially fatal skin reaction.

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Smith & Nephew Says Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement Controversy Slowing Sales of Birmingham Hip Resurfacing System

Medical device maker Smith & Nephew has reported a drop in sales of its metal-on-metal hip implant devices. According to the company, hip implant sales were down 2 percent during the first quarter of 2012, largely because its Birmingham Hip Resurfacing System suffered from an association with other metal-on-metal hip ...

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Crash on N.State Pkwy Kills Port Jefferson Station Man

Single-Car Crash on Northern State Parkway Kills Port Jefferson Station Man

A Port Jefferson Station man was killed on Wednesday due to a single-vehicle crash on the Northern State Parkway in Dix Hills. Police are investigating the accident, Newsday reports. According to Newsday, the 81-year-old man was driving a Nissan Altima west in the right lane, west of Exit 42. He ...

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E-cigarettes Could Increase Risk of Lung Infections

E-cigarettes Could Increase Risk of Lung Infections

New research suggests the liquid used in electronic cigarettes could increase the risk of viral lung infections, regardless of whether it contains nicotine.

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Study Finds Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants Associated with High Incidence of Pseudotumors

Yet another study is adding to concerns about the potential dangers associated with metal-on-metal hip implants. The study, published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, found that large diameter metal-on-metal total hip replacement may be associated with a substantially higher incidence of pseudotumor formation.

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Birth Control Shot Depo-Provera may Increase HIV Risk

Birth Control Shot Depo-Provera may Increase HIV Risk, Study Suggests

A new study has linked the use of Depo-Provera (medroxyprogesterone acetate), an injectable type of birth control, to an increased risk of HIV infection.

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FDA Warning for Bone Graft Products in Patients Under 18

FDA Safety Warning for Bone Graft Products in Patients Under 18

FDA issued safety alerts to patients, parents & guardians, bone graft devices w/recombinant proteins or synthetic peptides not to be the first treatment for 18 & under.

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Medtronic Settles Charges Over Kickbacks To Doctors

Medical device giant, Medtronic Inc., is settling charges over kickbacks to doctors. The firms just agreed to pay $23.5 million to settle claims it paid physicians kickbacks in exchange for their use of its pacemakers and defibrillators, according to a U.S. Justice Department announcement yesterday. The company was accused of seeking ...

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DePuy Orthopaedics Denied a Delay for September Pinnacle Hip Implant Trial

Texas federal Judge Ed Kinkeade has refused to delay the scheduled September trial in the ongoing multidistrict litigation involving DePuy Orthopaedics Pinnacle metal-on-metal (MoM) hip implants.

DePuy Orthopaedics requested the delay after a March trial resulted in a $502 million award to five plaintiffs who alleged serious injuries from DePuy Pinnacle hip devices. DePuy wanted the September trial delayed until the appeal of the March verdict had been decided but Judge Kinkeade ruled that the September trial would go forward. Continue reading

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October 2017 Trial Expected in British Metal-on-Metal Hip Litigation

In one of Britain’s largest product liability group actions in recent years, lawyers for more than 600 individuals injured by early failure of metal-on-metal hip implants were in court recently for a hearing.

The lawyers for the plaintiffs in a number of metal-on-metal group actions met with legal representatives for major hip manufacturers including Smith & Nephew, Zimmer, Corin Cormet and DePuy Synthes (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson). Continue reading

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Hepatitis Linked to Antiplatelet Drug Clopidogrel

A case report published in Case Reports in Hepatology describes a patient suffering from severe hepatitis induced by a commonly prescribed antiplatelet medication.

The patient, a 34-year-old male, presented with jaundice and fatigue but denied any abdominal pain, fever, rash, joint pain, or any recent consumption of alcohol or herbal supplements. His medical history included coronary artery disease and a coronary artery stent and he had been prescribed clopidogrel and aspirin. His baseline liver function tests were normal at that time, MPR reports. He had been on clopidogrel for 4.5 months before coming in with these symptoms. He had taken clopidogrel without incident 12 years earlier without incident and had discontinued the drug on his own, the authors report. Continue reading

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Using Short Form Complaint, New Zofran Lawsuit Filed in Massachusetts Court

There will be a new way to file Zofran lawsuits that claim the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline’s anti-nausea drug Zofran can cause birth defects. More than 260 families claim that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) failed to warn them of Zofran’s alleged risks, in spite of the drug’s status as America’s top-selling morning sickness treatment.

Several plaintiffs have already used the short form complaint to file Zofran birth defect lawsuits to ensure their voices are heard in a growing litigation against GSK. Instead of writing lengthy individual complaints, parents will soon have the opportunity to work from a “Master Complaint,” which combines all the core allegations aimed against Zofran’s manufacturer, The Legal Examiner reports. Continue reading

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Mirena Side Effects Have Led To Pseudotumor Cerebri Lawsuits, Litigation Meeting Scheduled

In recent months, lawsuits have been mounting against the maker of the Mirena intrauterine device (IUD) over a serious condition known as pseudotumor cerebri. Bayer Pharmaceuticals is the maker of Mirena. Bayer is facing lawsuits over allegations that it minimized the association between Mirena and neurological side effects that include pseudotumor cerebri.

Mirena (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system) is a hormone-releasing system that is placed in a woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy for up to five years. Mirena is also used to treat heavy periods in women who choose IUD contraception. Mirena injuries may be painful, lifelong, and life-altering impacting the women implanted with the IUD and their families. Mirena’s complications may include pseudotumor cerebri, as well as amenorrhea, breast cancer, irregular bleeding, ovarian cysts, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), and uterine perforation. What’s more, women who have become pregnant while implanted with Mirena may suffer miscarriage and their fertility may be placed at risk. Continue reading

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Plaintiff Petitions for Multidistrict Litigation in Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Cases

A plaintiff in a talcum powder lawsuit has petitioned the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation to centralize all ovarian cancer lawsuits into a multidistrict litigation (MDL). The venue suggested in the motion is the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Illinois.

At least 11 product liability claims involving talcum powder and ovarian cancer have already been filed in federal jurisdictions, according to a news release. Because the plaintiffs reside in several different states, the court in Illinois “would permit convenient travel for the parties and counsel as compared to travel to the East or West Coast.” Coordinated pretrial proceedings would eliminate duplication in the discovery phase and “inconsistent court rulings,” according to an attorney familiar with the litigation. Continue reading

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Anticoagulant Xarelto Lawsuit Cases Keep Drawing Attention

Lawsuits seeking damages from the makers of Xarelto, Bayer AG and Janssen Pharmaceuticals (a subdivision of Johnson & Johnson), have surpassed 3,000 in number with many plaintiffs alleging they suffered similar harm resulting from taking the drug, reports the Digital Journal.

The U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation elected to merge 2,800 individual cases into a multidistrict litigation (MDL) with the purpose of expediting the process. The MDL has been consolidated in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. A similar situation occurred in Pennsylvania, where 550 cases merged to form a mass tort program, coordinated by the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. Continue reading

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Warnings Added to Transvaginal Mesh Labels

For approximately 15 years, transvaginal mesh (TVM) products have been used worldwide, usually to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence problems in women. Since that time, 27 clinical studies have shown that one in 12 women have suffered TVM complications. It has been estimated that 50 percent of women will have some degree of POP by the age of 50 and more than 10 percent will require surgery by the age of 80.

Boston Scientific, which includes five brands of TVM slings, has added safety labels stating the pelvic meshes and slings are considered permanent implants and that removal can be complicated or impossible reports LawyersandSettlements.com. Continue reading

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New Study Shows Increase in Asthma Attacks in People Living Near Fracking Sites

Study findings from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health suggest that people with asthma who live near natural gas wells operated by the fracking industry are 1.5 to four times likelier to have asthma attacks than those who live farther away.

The findings were published on July 18 in JAMA Internal Medicine and add to a growing body of evidence associating fracking with health concerns, MedicalXpress reports. Continue reading

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Xarelto Litigation Moving Toward 2017 Trial Dates

Plaintiffs with lawsuits in the multidistrict litigation (MDL) involving the blood-thinning drug Xarelto are looking ahead to the trail phase, as four bellwether trial dates have been set for early 2017.

The drug’s makers, Bayer AG and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, face more than 2,800 federally filed lawsuits have been consolidated in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the Eastern District of Louisiana. Another 550 cases are part of a mass tort program in Pennsylvania, in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia. Continue reading

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