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Actos Side Effects Lawyers Says Whistleblower Revelations Could Boost Bladder Cancer, Heart Failure Lawsuits

An attorney with a prominent personal injury law firm says an Actos whistleblower lawsuit filed earlier this year could strengthen legal claims alleging the type 2 diabetes medication caused some users to develop bladder cancer and heart failure.

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Knee Replacement Patients Should Consider Nickel Allergies before Surgery

Individuals considering undergoing knee replacement surgery should ask their doctors to run a test to determine if they have a nickel allergy. Determining if a patient suffers from a nickel allergy will ensure the right knee implant is chosen for their surgery, and possibly save them from considerable pain and ...

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New York City Council Calls for Zadroga Act to be Renewed

New York City Council Calls for Zadroga Act to be Renewed

New York City Council members are calling for the Zadroga Act, which provides compensation and medical treatment to 9/11 victims, to be renewed.

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FDA Gives 7 Companies Go Ahead To Market Generic Plavix

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) just gave seven companies the go-ahead to market generic Plavix. Plavix is a blood thinner prescribed for the prevention of blood clots, heart attacks, and which has been linked to serious side effects such as the heart attacks and strokes it is supposed to ...

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First DePuy ASR Hip Implant Lawsuits Head to Trial in December, January

The first trials involving lawsuits filed against DePuy Orthopaedics by recipients of its recalled ASR Hip Implants will begin later this year, and early next year. The first is slated to start on December 3, 2012 in state court in Las Vegas, Nevada. A second DePuy ASR hip implant lawsuit ...

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Johnson & Johnson Marketing of Gynecare Prolift Transvaginal Mesh Raises More Questions

Johnson & Johnson and its Ethicon unit are again coming under scrutiny for the way it marketed its Gynecare ProLift transvaginal mesh product. According to a new report from Bloomberg News, Johnson & Johnson continued marketing the Gynecare ProLift device for months after it received a warning from the ...

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Oklahoma Woman Latest to Head to Court Over Alleged DePuy ASR Hip Implant Injuries

Lawsuits filed by alleged victims of DePuy Orthopaedics’ recalled ASR hip replacement devices continue to pile up in the multidistrict litigation currently underway in U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio. Most recently, a woman from Pryor, Oklahoma, filed suit alleging complications caused by a DePuy ASR hip implant ...

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Three Injured, Long Island Railroad Train Hits Car on Tracks

Three Injured When Long Island Railroad Train Hits Car on Tracks

3 people, injured on Wednesday at 1:20 p.m. when a LIRR train hit a livery cab on the tracks west of Wyandanch station. The train engineer, who suffered a shoulder injury.

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Hip Replacement, Knee Implant Patients with Diabetes, Other Health Problems May Face Difficult Recoveries

Patients receiving hip replacement devices or knee implants may face a more complicated recovery if they are obese, or suffer from diabetes or other health woes. According to a new study published online in the journal Anesthesiology, at least 3% of all total hip or knee replacement patients will ...

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Study Finds Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants Associated with High Incidence of Pseudotumors

Yet another study is adding to concerns about the potential dangers associated with metal-on-metal hip implants. The study, published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, found that large diameter metal-on-metal total hip replacement may be associated with a substantially higher incidence of pseudotumor formation.

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Santa Monica Rabbi Arrested on Child Sexual Abuse Charges

Rabbi Sholom Doyber Levitansky was arrested by Santa Monica, California police last week on felony charges of sexual abuse of a child.

The police are seeking further information and are trying to locate any additional victims, the Santa Monica Daily Press (SMDP) reports. Continue reading

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California Parents Sue GlaxoSmithKline over Child’s Heart Defect Allegedly Caused by Zofran Taken During Pregnancy

Alameda County, California, parents have filed a lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for a heart defect their daughter suffered allegedly as a result of the mother being prescribed Zofran (ondansetron) while pregnant.

This medication is used to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy and is also used to prevent and treat nausea and vomiting after surgery. It works by blocking one of the body’s natural substances (serotonin) that causes vomiting, according to WebMD. Continue reading

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Disc Brake Recall Affects 1.3 Million Bikes

A bicycle recall is being issued due to a problem with front wheel disc brakes. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the recall involves 13 manufacturers and affects 1.3 million bikes. Popular brands such as Giant, Cannondale and Specialized are affected by the recall. The CPSC advises consumers to “stop using the bicycles immediately and contact the recalling company for free installation of a new quick release on the front wheel,”

The issue involves the open quick release lever on the bicycle’s front wheel hub, which can catch onto the front disc brake rotor; this may cause the front wheel to stop or separate from the bike and injure the rider. The CPSC says three incidents have been reported, including one injury. The recalled bikes were sold from 1998 to this year. Roughly 1.3 million units were sold in American and over 250,000 were sold in Canada and Mexico. Continue reading

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Highway Safety Agency Says Fiat Chrysler Under-reported Deaths and Injuries

NHTSA Says Fiat Chrysler Under-reported Deaths & Injuries

NHTSA Says Fiat Chrysler Under-reported Deaths & Injuries

Automaker Fiat Chrysler under-reported a “significant” number of deaths, injuries and legal claims that it was obliged to reveal to regulators, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The federal regulator announced the under-reporting after Fiat Chrysler said it had discovered “deficiencies” in its system for reporting defects under the Tread Act, a law that specifies the information car makers must submit to regulators, CNBC reports. Continue reading

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Health Canada Strengthens Safety Warnings for Multiple Sclerosis Drug Gilenya

Health Canada Strengthens Safety Warnings for Drug Gilenya

Health Canada Strengthens Safety Warnings for Drug Gilenya

Health Canada, Canada’s health regulatory agency, has updated the label information for the multiple sclerosis drug Gilenya (fingolimod) to include stronger safety warnings on the risk of skin cancer and the rare brain infection progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), which can be fatal.

Gilenya, a prescription drug, is used in the treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) to reduce the frequency of attacks (relapses) and delay the progression of physical disability. Gilenya is used specifically when other MS treatments have not been effective or cannot be tolerated, Health Canada explains. Continue reading

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Potential Choking Hazard Prompts Chewbeads to Recall Pacifier Clips

Choking Hazard Prompts Chewbeads to Recall

Choking Hazard Prompts Chewbeads to Recall

Chewbeads Inc. has recalled more than 45,000 pacifier clips in the United States and Canada because they may pose a risk of choking for babies. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the New York-based company had received seven reports of beads detaching from the pacifier clips, but no injuries can been reported thus far.

Fox News reports that five styles of Chewbeads Bay pacifier clip holders are affected by the recall, including those with shapes of a butterfly, a dinosaur, a heart, a sheriff’s badge, a white baseball with red stitching and a major league baseball team logo. The pacifier clip holders are called “Where’s the Pacifier?” and contain eight multi-colored beads threaded on a satin ribbon. The beaded ribbon is attached to a pacifier on one end and a plastic D-ring on the other; the product is about 6 inches long in total. Recalled clips have one of the following codes on the back: 3/31/14, 08/08/14, 12/01/14, 14/30/09, 15/02/09, 25/04/14. Continue reading

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Medtronic Pays $500 Million Tax Charge To Move $9.8 Billion To United States

Medtronic Pays $500M Tax Charge To Move $9.8B To U.S.

Medtronic Pays $500M Tax Charge To Move $9.8B To U.S.

As part of an internal restructuring related to its $49.9 billion merger with Covidien, Medtronic will pay a one-time tax charge of $500 million so that it can bring $9.8 billion in overseas cash to the United States.

This move is the result of the tax inversion deal that relocated Medtronic from Minnesota to Ireland, where corporate taxes are much lower. Medtronic could use the extra cash to fund more acquisitions, Med Device Online reports. Continue reading

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Salmonella-Tainted Cucumbers Responsible for Three Deaths and More than 500 Illnesses

Salmonella-Tainted Cucumbers Responsible for Three Deaths

Salmonella-Tainted Cucumbers Responsible for Three Deaths

Three people have died and hundreds have become ill after they ate tainted cucumbers imported from Mexico.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says there have been 558 cases of salmonella poona infections linked to the cucumbers in 33 states, with 140 new cases reported to the CDC between September 15 and September 22, Vice News (vice.com) reports. Continue reading

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VCF Deadline Approaches for Some Individuals Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

VCF Deadline Approaches

VCF Deadline Approaches

For some, the deadline to register for the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) is quickly approaching. According to The PBA Beat, members who were diagnosed with prostate cancer on or before October 21, 2013 must register with the Fund by October 21, 2015 to protect their eligibility to file a claim. The VCF provides compensation to responders and survivors who suffered injuries and economic losses due to 9/11. For more information, claimants may view www.vcf.gov or call (855)885-1555.

The Zadroga Act, signed into law in early 2011, reopened the VCF and created the World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program. These programs provide aid to 9/11 responders and survivors who developed health problems after being exposed to hazardous substances during and in the aftermath of the attacks. The WTC Health Program is monitoring over 70,000 people and providing medical treatment to 33,000. These programs are due to expire unless Congress chooses to renew the Act. The WTC Health Program will lose funding in October, and rely on cash reserves into next year before it ends entirely. The VCF is slated to expire next October. Continue reading

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FDA Warning: Automatic Clutch Mechanism in Cranial Perforators May Fail to Disengage

Cranial Perforators May Fail to Disengage

Cranial Perforators May Fail to Disengage

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a safety communication, warning that the automatic clutch mechanism in some cranial perforators—devices to drill into the skull—may fail to disengage and automatically stop drilling after the skull is penetrated, injuring the patient.

Most cranial perforators are designed to automatically stop drilling in order to prevent the tip from unintentionally drilling or “plunging” into the brain. But the clutch mechanism may fail to disengage if the device selection and proper use are not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the patient can be injured, the FDA warns. Continue reading

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